Tuesday, June 29, 2010

I’m So Sick.

It’s Wednesday. It’s half-past six in the morning, and here I am, up uncharacteristically early. I’m sick. So sick I nearly died just now - or so it felt like.

I was fine a few days ago, but it is Winter here, and I usually do get ill at least once a year. But that illness makes up for lost time by staying for what seems like weeks, or even months – throughout Winter perhaps. There are after all several strains of flu going around. I thought it was my brother who passed on the germs to me, but he has bronchitis.

I went to bed late last night because I knew I wouldn’t be able to sleep well. I can not sleep when I’m sick. I think it’s a mixture of the sickness as well as all the medicine I’m taking to get better. I’m convinced they contain things that keep you up, like steroids, epinephrine and so on. I know some if not most nasal sprays do.

I lay there at about 5:00 am listening to the radio, trying to relax and take my mind of things. It was then that I was able to experience some ASMR tingles while listening to some morning show about some guy carrying on about poisons and farming and so on. It wasn’t just in the head, but also the legs, as I curled up my frail body under the duvet.

I started to fall asleep, seeing as I’d been awake since 9 the previous morning. So I willingly switched off the radio, and left the light on while I just slipped away.

An hour later I woke up, and my body just bolted forward without warning. I started choking and coughing, struggling to breathe, and I swung over to the side of the bed. It was quite revolting, seeing as you can imagine all the bodily fluids which had been dripping down the back of my throat while I lay there all came up at this point. I’ve gone through a box of tissues by now, and the floor is carpeted with them.

I was in shock for a few minutes thereafter, just clearing my throat. I thought: I am not lying here any longer. Not after that. So I got up and started typing. But at some point today I will likely collapse from lack of sleep.

I hate being sick. I probably hate it more than just about anything else in the world. Most of my senses are impaired in some manner, such as my eyes which are bloodshot and blurry, my nose which is runny and stuff and can’t smell a thing, and my taste which… I can’t taste much. But luckily my hearing is still acceptable, and therefore I can still experience ASMR by listening to sound triggers.

New ASMR Website Team Blog and Profiles up

ASMRgraphic The newly created ASMR Research& Support website is making progress. It’s gone from just a splash page and some top secret team page which has our secret meeting agendas and minutes in it to this: a team blog is now up and running.

The one and only post up there right now introduces the existing members of the team as well as offering anyone who wants to sign up the chance to do so.

Profile pages for each team member are also being set up. We don’t have everybody yet, but my page is up right now. You’ll notice that other team members have blogs on the site, but I don’t seeing as I have this external one which I started months ago.

Envelope, the webmistress, and also founder of the ASMR Group on Facebook, is in the process of possibly making a redirect URL or something that will just lead to this blog, or something similar. I talked about shifting this blog onto that web host, but even though BlogSpot makes that possible, I haven’t done it before, and I don’t know if I really want to go through all the effort.

Anyway. Go have a look at the website and see what’s going on. I’ll keep providing updates on it as well as posting about all the usual random madness© here.

Monday, June 28, 2010

New ASMR Poll: Type A or Type B?

I’ve decided after months now to put up a new poll on the sidebar. Until now the poll was “Do you get the tingles sensation?”.

Twelve people voted all in all, with 8 (66%) saying that they get it all the time, and 4 (33%) saying that they only get it sometimes. Nobody voted for the “I don’t know what you’re talking about” option.

Anyway the new one’s question will be “Are you ASMR Type A, or Type B, or a bit of both? Or none? So, four options this time. So go and vote.

The poll closes on the 27 of September, unless I decide to have a new one by then or extend the time limit.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

New ASMR Network Logo

ASMRgraphic This is just a small community-focused update.

You see that image on the right? That’s the new ASMR logo. It was designed by Envelope the other day. It now resides on the ASMR Research & Support site, as well as the ASMR Group on Facebook, and even on this blog. You’ll see it in the sidebar on top of the ASMR Network blog roll.

So far feedback has been mainly positive. I for one commented that it it kind of captures the idea of tingles or bubbles on the scalp quite nicely. Other than that, it could resemble the planet earth with experiencers, the smaller circles, coming together from different continents to congregate in one place, possible with the five larger circles resembling the core group or community.

Others have made less visual literacy-orientated observations, and said that it looks like a spider riding an eight ball. Envelope agrees.

I still like it though. It’s simple, and yet you can make so many deductions just by looking at it, like I did above. It’s also white, grey, and light blues, which fits in with the blog quite naturally.

So anyway, if you’re a member of the group or somehow support the community, then feel free to use it on a blog or website and link to any one of the ASMR Network sites, including this one. Hell, why not all of them? I did. I’m sure nobody will mind.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

New Unnamed Feeling YouTube Channel

youtube I just signed up yesterday on YouTube. I know. It’s been around for years, and even though I’ve watched many a video, I didn’t really bother creating an account. I thought  I didn’t  need one.

Until yesterday.

I decided that what I would do is register and start setting YouTube videos, that have been described as having the effects ASMR provides, as favourites on my channel. This way they’re all in one place. There’s a few clips bookmarked on my channel as of now, with more to come. If you have any suggestions for clips that you find create the sensation, then you can either leave a comment here on the blog, e-mail me, or you can leave a comment on YouTube. I’m still getting used to it though, so beware!

I also thought of adding a widget for the blog which would allow visitors to watch the videos on the blog, but the one  I tried out wasn’t that good for some reason, so it might have to wait for now.

Anyway, you can check out this new YouTube channel over at http://www.youtube.com/user/UnnamedFeeling13 . The channel’s name is “The Unnamed Feeling”.

I’ve also got a little YouTube icon in the follow me section in the sidebar. It’s replaced the RSS feeds one seeing as it seems to have stopped working, and it appears there might be some issues with the site who provided it.

There’s all ready a bunch of subscribe options there anyway, for posts and comments, so it’s not that big of a problem.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

New ASMR Article Published on HubPages

For the past few days I pieced together an article on ASMR, and published it today on HubPages.
You can see it over here: ASMR: What is This Tingling Sensation in my Head?. I’ve added the link to the Hot spots section as well, in  the sidebar.

Weird how I am all of a sudden publishing more and more articles. I took a break for a long while. That seems to happen, and then after a take a break, I feel well rested and ready to write again.

Basically I scavenged the internet for information, and also took some of the posts on my blog for inspiration and reference, rewrote some stuff, and added some other new stuff, and after some editing, I published it.
There’s also a video and audio experiment on there too, as well as some other extras. So check it out. I think it’s one more step in the right direction. More coverage on the internet, anyway, and maybe more people will find out about ASMR and the network.

I obviously plan on adding to the article and updating it as necessary when I find something worthwhile.
There were also plans spoken of to get a Wikipedia article up some time too, so stay tuned for that. I don’t know when it will happen, and who will do it, but I imagine it will be a collaborative effort involving the community.

Monday, June 21, 2010

The First ASMR Group Meeting

Well, it was hectic, but it was done in the end. This past Saturday and Sunday, the ASMR Group’s  core team members, including Envelope, Ryan, Adam, Michela, Domagoj, and I, had the very first meeting centred around ASMR.

The first four people listed above were present in the first meeting, which I missed due to issues with Skype (particularly the online install method, which I later fixed), and the second meeting had Domagoj and I included in it. Chaz was absent from both, sadly.

Seeing as the meeting was top secret and the minutes and agenda and so on are for the research team only (password protected too – nifty.), I can’t really go and spill the beans on what was said. But it was fun, and we plan on getting together on a regular basis; maybe every two weeks or so. Maybe more often; maybe less.

At least it won’t be so disorganised then – not that that was anybody’s fault in particular. Mainly issues with prior commitments, time, time-zones, and that sort of thing.
Still, after an hour, I was mentally drained for a while after the chat, but was later energised and inspired as well.

For example: I’ve started working on an article about ASMR which I will eventually publish on my HubPages account. It’s going to be quite a task assembling it, and getting all the necessary things down. So look for this article by the end of the month, hopefully.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

AIE Video #1: Massage with Voice by Lita

Lita Massage Clip

Video link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-qgfRYnrntE

A comment was left on one of my posts here on the blog which pointed me in the direction of this clip on YouTube. I checked it out and downloaded it, because I can’t stand to wait while the thing loads with my default connection. and I didn’t want to use my data seeing as it is limited, and expensive.

Anyhow, the above clip is part of a series of YouTube clips that fall under massageclip.com’s YouTube channel. The website and channel is run by a lady named Lita, who gives massages using this lucky female volunteer who at times looks as though she is in sheer bliss, no doubt!

In addition to the massage, she also gives verbal instructions, which is because she aims to teach people how to give a good and proper massage. And although she does have a bit of that nasal Californian accent that might annoy some, I must admit that her voice isn’t bad. Many find it to be very soothing and love to watch her videos (over and over in fact!), according to comments left on her site and YouTube, as well as opinions elsewhere on the internet.

I sat down and watched it and admittedly I nodded off a few times. The clip certainly relaxed me. Not only that but it was mainly her voice that gave me the high we’re all searching for: AIE or ASMR. I got a light case of tingles.

Lita also has a website called sleepaudios.com where she provides, you guessed it, relaxing, soothing audio clips that are supposed to help you rest and sleep. Again, people claim that it works. I don’t know if it was because it was late when I listened to them or if the sample clips really did work, but in any case, check out both sites.

She of course does have options on the websites for people to buy things, but whether you do or not is up to you, seeing as I’m not affiliated with any of her projects in any capacity. Promise.

I’ll add the link to the above clip as well as Lita’s YouTube channel to the Sound& Video Clip Archive for future reference, and so you can go there and watch and listen for yourself.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

New ASMR Website Registered

circle Okay, I talked about a new website for ASMR the other day, which was started by the same person who organised the ASMR group on Facebook - Envelope.

The new website’s domain has been registered at http://asmr-research.org/.

At the moment there’s just a little description of ASMR on the page:

Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response - Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response (ASMR) is a physical sensation characterized by a pleasurable tingling that typically begins in the head and scalp, and often moves down the spine and through the limbs.

Below that, a link to the aforementioned group and the group’s symbol – a circle. There’s nothing else up there besides that, but it’s enough for me to link to the site in my hot spots section in the sidebar.

So, keep checking the website every now and again to see what’s going on, or wait until I receive word that it’s up and running, and I’ll definitely post about here.

Believe when I say that there are big things planned for ASMR/AIE in the future.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

ASMR Group Expanding, New Website Coming


                                                          “Yes, sir!”

I’ve been in talks with the person who started the ASMR group on Facebook, Envelope, and first off – I didn’t think I would harp on about this, but why not? I was asked to become an officer or more accurately, an Outreach Agent within the group, which I accepted.

My responsibilities will become clearer over time, but basically I’ll keep doing what I’m doing here on the blog, and be more active in the group, particularly helping people from Africa, or South Africa, seeing as that it my area, answering e-mails and that sort of thing and just continuing to be part of the overall community. There are also Outreach Agents so far in Europe and the Eastern United States.

We still need some for other areas (Asia, Australia, South America, etc) , so if you run a blog or website, or even have a forum or something, then talk to Envelope, or you can talk to me and I’ll relay it to her. I imagine the goal in the end will be to have representatives in every continent, and then eventually every country in the world. It could happen - you never know.

The group is expanding though, with more people coming together to help out on a collaborative effort, which will soon see a website start up, and even though it wouldn’t be the first, this will be the central ASMR site on the internet when it’s up. Up until now over the past few years it’s been pretty divided, and the aim is to have a network like many other websites do, with websites with the same sort of subject linking to one another, which will benefit most of us in the long run.

Other than that, there’s this blog, UNF or The Unnamed Feeling, which is continuing to grow as well if I may say so myself with new features being added every now and again (I’m currently thinking of adding a glossary of terms used on the blog and on the net, as well as modifying the layout with Blogger’s new Template Designer which came out of beta, or Blogger in Draft, recently). There’s also the ASMR group, the Society of Sensationalists, headed up by Ryan, who is also the Public Relations officer for the ASMR group. These are likely the main places on the web dedicated to this phenomenon that I know of. Of course if you start a website or blog, you need only leave a comment or send me an e-mail, or contact me on Facebook, and I will gladly link to it.

There are other websites and forums that deal with ASMR or AIE (we really need to settle on a name :), like steadyhealth.com  forums, but whether or not some of them are still active is another matter. There is aiho.org, which was started back a couple of years ago, but didn’t seem to take off in the end – it seems to have been taken offline. You can of course check the hotspots link on the sidebar which will lead you to a page where you can visit places which deal with the subject.

So, this was just an update on how things are faring as far as the community goes. Everyone’s excited because we’re growing, and I don’t even know how long people have been experiencing these sensations, but we’re starting to come together. We’re not alone anymore.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Got a new Doctor; Told him About AIE

The other day I had to go and see my new doctor. The old family doctor suffered from a brain tumour and retired recently. So this new one wanted to actually see me in the flesh.

Anyway, there I was on a Friday morning, suffering myself – from lack of sleep – sitting in the waiting room. Eventually I got called it and sat in the hot seat while the doc asked me all sorts of questions and so on, like what medication if any do I take, and my medical background and so on.

Anyway, I happened to mention to this doctor that I had a blog where I occasionally wrote about a seemingly “unnamed feeling” (the name of the blog – but he doesn’t know!). He took down some notes on a pad, but didn’t really respond how I pictured he might; quite disinterested really.

But seeing as there have been others who have talked about seeing a doctor and mentioning it, I thought I would too. It got around to blogging and so on when he asked me if I had any hobbies and interests. I didn’t actually tell him the name of it, or the many names, but I just said that it was likely nothing serious seeing as I’m still alive.

He’s a very thorough doctor; about mid thirties to forty. It’ll be a while before he does us any favours like the old doc did.

It’s like they say: “A new broom sweeps clean”.

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