Monday, May 17, 2010

Theory: AIE Acting as a Sixth Sense

sixthsensecolesear                                            “I see good people.”

You all know that there are five senses all in all. There’s sight, smell, hearing, taste, and touch. And you’ve probably seen that famous movie The Sixth Sense with Bruce Willis and that kid Haley Joel Osment who played Cole Sear - who claimed he could see dead people.

Well, I came across something interesting while going through the usual posts and so on in the forums, and that was the suggestion that this sensation could be some form of intuition, or a sixth sense.

I quoted the story here:

“I once stood at the bank talking to a teller who gave off the most powerful pure energy I've ever felt (that's what I call it -"pure energy") It was so strong my knees almost buckled and I thought I was going to have a total brain orgasm right there in the bank. I've gotten this sensation from women, men, children, and animals sometimes as well. I sometimes think it's my psychic way of judging whether or not someone is a good person or not. If I feel something, I trust them, and they are good. I've been right every time so far.”

So basically why we might get this sensation while listening to , or watching certain people, and not everybody out there, is because seemingly not all people are good, and yet not all of them are bad either. Maybe we can tell who is good because of this tingling. Perhaps their mannerisms – the way they talk, act, and so on – influences the sensation.

And I think if it’s true, that’s a handy thing to have in this world.

Friday, May 7, 2010

AIE Boosters: Goosebumps, Itches, Stroking – Type C?

We more or less know that there are at least two types of AIE or ASMR. There’s Type A, which is when you are consciously controlling the sensation with no external influences, and there’s Type B, which is when the sensation is created by external influences.

Neither of these need to actually have any tactile influence or touching involved however. Which is why I propose that there may well be a Type C ASMR – which is sensations caused by touch instead of sound, sight, or smell – senses which don’t  involve touch.

Try touching your skin, stroking it, and see if it causes any sensation, particularly the one we all want to experience here.

And this can even be used to enhance the feeling too. Say you’re experiencing AIE, or the tingling sensation, and you stroke a section of your body – it boosts the sensation, increasing its effect and intensity.

I’ve read other people’s posts and so on in forums or over at the ASMR Group, and they say that when they get goosebumps from the cold or some other source, it also helps to stimulate or enhance the experience. The same goes for an itch – you could leave it, or scratch it; stroking the area to see if it intensifies the sensation.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

AIE as a Healer and Painkiller

persia I’ve come across some posts at websites related to this blog which talk about how some people use AIE as a way to dull pain.

I’ve thought for a while that it could lessen or get rid of emotional or mental issues such as stress, but can it actually dull physical pain?

Did you know that when cats purr, it does more than just signify the feline’s contentment? It actually helps them overcome injury and pain too.

Perhaps this is our equivalent of that. Maybe when we experience AIE, it helps with the emotional impact of pain and injury, or takes our mind off of it – mind over matter. Perhaps because of the alleged released of dopamine or serotonin.

Other people claim that it causes them to have increased tolerance to pain, which perhaps explains why when they have an itch or something they ignore it and let it be, because it doesn’t affect them as much.

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