Monday, February 15, 2010

What is This Tingling Sensation in my Head?

Last year, I googled the phrase “What is this good tingling sensation in my head”, or something to that effect, and came across an interesting forum thread. It contained many different posters who all had one thing in common- they all experience a seemingly undocumented or ignored case of tingles in the head.

This isn’t so much of a complaint regarding serious pain or discomfort though- quite the opposite in fact. This sensation is good at least and marvellous at best when you experience really intense ones. I would know, because I happen to be a “sufferer” of this ecstasy.

You get tingles when you (symptoms):

  • Listen to specific people talk (usually soft-spoken, well-spoken voices or lispers)
  • Listen to the radio or podcasts when these people are talking.
  • Watch certain TV programs, or YouTube videos, like instructional ones, infomercials, adverts, historical or factual programs.
  • People talking in a foreign or indigenous language. Xhosa and Afrikaans are two of mine.
  • Get tickled lightly, especially on the back or shoulders.
  • When someone strokes or plays with your hair softly.
  • When you listen to certain soft or distant, and usually repetitive, sounds like a bouncing tennis ball, trickling water, or construction noises like tapping hammers.
  • Listen to types of music.

These are some examples, and there are likely many other triggers that result in the sensation, and it’s been said that many, if not most or all, people experience this, but only some actually observe it, are aware of it, or experience it to a greater degree than others.

I will likely post about more triggers and so on separately, and try some out for research purposes, as well as upload some sound clips and such so you can listen and see if you experience these effects.


  1. I get this feeling too. From the research I've done it seems some other people, albeit few, experience this as well. I get it most when someone explains something intricate, elderly people tell stories or explain things, and people do intricate tasks with their hands.

    If you have ever seen the Matrix, the scene when Neo is being questioned by Agent Smith in the beginning of the movie, that gets me every time.

  2. Interesting you mentioned The Matrix. I've seen it a few times and don't recall getting it.

    I'll tell you what though: if I see The Matrix on TV sometime, I'll try and record the scene you described as either a video or audio sample. I tend to do that sometimes and add them to the sound archive.

  3. Also this massage video puts me to sleep every time I watch it.

  4. Thanks I'll check the video out and perhaps post about it sometime, as well as link to it in the sounds and video clip archive.

    I have come across other videos that cause the desired sensation as well, but some of them have since been taken down.

  5. This is the first time i look into this feeling but ive been aware of it for a long time, similar to most of u certain movie scenes set it off, toy story 2 when woody is getting fixed, an episode of criminal minds where human dolls are being used. Does anybody know wat this is or y it happens. all i know is i watch these seens over and over again to get that feel i cant have it enough

  6. Yeah, me too. I found that I used to like watching Medical Detectives mainly because of the narrator who sounded like Stacy Keach. I don't think it was though.

  7. I get it when i hear a soft, whipering voice. I mainly get it in the top of my scalp and the top of my neck.

  8. I thought that I only got that feeling when I liistened to hypnosis videos on youtube... but then I discovered that if the person has the right voice they can talk about anything and it will be bliss. lol.. this person on youtube is amazing! You have to check it out and let me know what you think. :)

  9. I've actually read theories about hypnosis and how it might relate to ASMR. Some are of the opinion that what we experience during an ASMR event is similar to a light form of hypnosis.

    So it's funny you should mention that.

    Thanks for the link. I'll check it out, and add the clip to the UNF YouTube Channel.

  10. Amazing! I did not know this happened to other people. I do not experience this with radio or television. It usually happens when people speak very slowly or gently, although it does not happen with all softspoken people. It also happens when patching people do intricate or delicate tasks. Very relaxing!

  11. I also get this, mainly when people are listing something or describing something . i love the feeling it brings on. Also, if someone is looking at something of mine, eg when the teacher used to read my work, i would get this feeling

  12. I also get this feeling all the time, especially from older women with soft speaking voices or people using their hands in a certain way, very interesting. I also get it with certain mouth noises (sometimes chewing food, etc). It's hard to explain, but it makes me all tingly and it feels amazing. How odd, I didn't think other people experienced this as well.
    My sewing teacher in high school had a very soft voice and she would move her hands in such a motion while describing sewing techniques and handling threads/fabric, I would have this feeling nonstop, it would also make me feel verrryyyy sleepy. I get the feeling a bit even just thinking about it.

  13. I have the same head feelings. i first noticed it when i was really little and my mom was eating yogurt and the spoon scraping the yogurt cup gave me a great sensation. The way i feel this sensation isn't with soothing voices, but with silent unboxing videos on youtube. The crinkling plastic and sliding cardboard are great. Some channels that have these are whc4u. And the early videos from detroitborg.

  14. The scraping of a yogurt container - well, for the most part I find that sound quite irritating. But each to their own!

    Thanks for the YouTube channel suggestions. I'll perhaps check them out sometime.

  15. I am relieved that other people get this too. My college roommate (who also gets this feeling) and I named it "orgasm of the head"-it is such an awesome feeling but I wish I understood what it was. I rarely find anybody who knows what I'm talking about. In addition to lots of things named above I also get it from hearing paper crinkling and from hearing little kids whispering to each other.

    1. Someone messing with a newspaper gets me every time.

  16. This is unbelievable! I have been searching for an explanation to this feeling (the unnamed feeling) that I feel in the back of my head as a result of a highly pleasurable tingle when:

    - I listen to music, especially inspirational music such as "Let It Be" by The Beatles and extremely calming music such as "Aqueous Transmission" by Incubus.
    - Hear a story by someone where something they did or something they said was very emotional, again inspirational, or risky/brave/courageous.
    - I have a feeling of rush: roller-coasters, skydiving, jumping down to the ground from a fairly large rock/ledge. (P.S. - I occasionally hike trails/mountains).
    - I am with a woman that I really like and enjoy being around.
    - Watch movies where an individual and/or the whole world is impacted, or the entire human civilization is at risk: Blow, Armageddon, Signs, The Day The Earth Stood Still, 2012, and recently my now 2 favorite movies! ... District 9 and Inception.

    This "unnamed feeling" simply is one of the greatest feelings in life - better than being high on marijuana and having an orgasm (in my opinion of course). So for the longest time, I had difficulty explaining the feeling to myself as to what it really is but now I can explain it at my age of 23 - the tingling feeling is "an overall sense of well-being within yourself" when you think/watch/hear these activities/experiences in life.

    I also would like to add that I am a Transportation Engineer so I enjoy changing the world and helping humankind; and when I fly and look down at a city from inside the airplane I get this "orgasm in my head" every single time! It is great!!

    I am so grateful to have found and read this web page and I am especially grateful that other people experience this feeling too. Interesting fact I read here is that a lot of people have this feeling, but only a small percentage are actually aware and conscious of the sensation. Thank You!

  17. I'm so happy I finally found some people that have experienced this feeling too. I haven't talked to too many people about this but the ones I have kinda looked at me as I'm a lunatic so I stopped.
    Like someone mentioned above, I get this feeling when I watch someone skillfully do an intricate task with their hands. For example when my dad strings a guitar I always get it and it really feels amazing. I always thought that that must be the way a person feels when they're being hypnotized. If someone finds something more scientific related to this "unnamed feeling", please pass it through to me -

  18. Wow, finally some resolution to this matter. This has been going on for a while for me. I can remember back to 1st grade (I'm a 25 year old man now) where I was being tutored by an older girl from my school and every time she turned a page or wrote something down it made the back of my head tingle. I thought that it was because I liked her but later figured out it was generally when someone is doing something with their hands for me. In third grade one of my friends was signing my year book and I got a huge sensation of tingling in the back again. Certain times when I get a haircut I get it, but it depends; I can't pin-point what they do that triggers it. I got it another time while riding in the car with one of my co-workers when they shifted gears and used the turn signals. And I got it yesterday when a woman was repairing the scanner in my office next to my desk.

    It's such a vague subject with little resources for knowledge about it. I'm glad this website exists because I know I'm not the only one experiencing this.

  19. I know the feeling well, and also the frustration of trying to describe it to people.
    Some of the things that cause it for me:
    -Watching bob ross' "The Joy of Painting" show. The sounds of the painting and his calm voice cause a particularly strong sensation that can last a very long time.
    -When someone is turning pages in a bible, especially when they are trying to find a passage.
    -When someone is typing and it's the only sound in the room.
    -When getting a haircut, and it intensifies when the electric razor is used on the back of the neck.
    Generally the room you are in needs to be very quiet.
    The first time I remember feeling the sensation was in first grade. The teacher was writing on a projector, and talking softly. I've been getting the feeling ever since. It's one of the most pleasant sensations i've felt with clothes on!

    1. Ditto on Bob Ross! He has one of the best voices for the tingles. I wish I could do a montage of head tingly noises and voices, what a great way to relax and feel euphoric!

  20. I get a tingling feeling in my head when ever someone gets my things. When they are just borrowing it & I am watching them using it. Its just weird. Recently I get this feeling also whe when my friends sing to. Haha. When I listen to music I dont but when they sing to me I do. I just find it weird. Do you guys get anything like that??

    1. YES! happens to me too,

    2. Yes me to. It only happens when somebody is touching something that is owned by myself. It could be my watch they pick up and look at, or read something that I am reading, but the sensation is the best. I have asked many many people if they have this feeling, and all of them look at me as if i am mad. SAt last i have meet with the Tingly People.

      Email me. and tell me more

  21. I have been experiencing this sensation since I was a kid. I am 42 now. I don't experience quite as often as I've read other people on this blog experience it, but what made me search this subject was that I experienced the sensation just a couple of hours ago. I was getting a gift wrapped at the mall and as I was watching the lady wrap the gift, I got the feeling in the back of my head. I also get the feeling when I goto the doctor and they are using the stethescope. What seems to trigger it for me is someone using their hands when they are doing something for me or to me.

  22. found this blog as I also have this tingling inside my head. Surprised to find people describe the same feeling, and also surprised it seems rather un-documented by science.
    Where exactly do people feel this? With me it is mostly the middle upper part of my head, also in the forehead, and between the eyes.
    Sometimes it seems i can control where it is going next. Sometimes the wave just moves in my head like northern light (well maybe that sounds a bit dramatic).
    It usually happens when I am in bed but sometimes like now it has been going on all morning. It is a good feeling.

  23. This blog is awesome! Someone was just in my office talking to me - a middle aged woman - and i got this feeling so i decided to look it up. My first memory of this was in 2nd grade.. and, again, it was an older woman. I think it's the soft voice. Regardless, i can't believe all these posts... they sound so familiar.

    However, i'm very envious of those people who say that certain sounds from music or whatever can make them feel this way. I can't seem to control/harness this, but if i could, i'd be doing it all the time haha

    some girl on here said she calls it a "head orgasm" and i thought that was the best description.

  24. I always thought I was "special" for having these tingly sensations, but I guess its not as rare as I thought! It really does feel like a head orgasm, but better! I've pondered many times whether I'd give up sex if I could have the head tingly feeling on demand...and I think I'd choose the head tingles!

    I first noticed it when I was very young, maybe 6 or 7, and my grandfather was sketching a blueprint of a house for me (he was an electrician and was showing me his work). I loved it so much I would ask him every time I saw him to sketch for me.

    Other things that cause this sensation:
    --Foreign accents or listening to foreign languages
    --Soft spoken voices, especially over the phone
    --Some classical music
    --Watching someone sketch or write something

    I've always wondered WHAT this feeling is, and I asked my acupunturist if she had any idea. I may not be remembering it exactly the way she described it, but it was something like: the energy pathways that run from your back into your head are associated with "home" or feeling secure and happy and content. I wonder if any studies have been done on this phenomenon?

  25. While I was growing up whenever a woman would put lotion or cream on my skin i would get the tingling in the back of my neck. I found this video and the way she applies her moisturizer from 1:18 - 1:31 gives me that same feeling. Her hands are so gentle and slow and the way she speaks while she's doing it seems hypnotic.

  26. Wow....reading this blog gives me the tingles described here...really! I've wondered about this...I get them when I watch someone do something very intricate, or when someone is taking great care in doing something usually in a small area. The first time I remember was watching an old watch repairman fix a watch. Can't get enough of it. I'd love to know what causes it.

  27. I have had this sensation as well for at least 5 years (I am 23 now). Could this be a type of auditory-somatosensory synesthesia (crossing of senses)? This is when auditory stimuli can elicit somatosensory (touch) sensations. For instance, a stroke patient developed tingling sensations in her arms when she heard certain words. Here's a link to the journal article:

    I realize that in our cases, the tingling is in the head and is extremely pleasurable when we hear certain sounds and voices, while in the case of this stroke patient, the tingling was in the arm and hand on only one side of her body when she heard certain words. Still, I haven't seen any other explanations, so I am just throwing this out there. I'd love to see some scientific research done on this phenomenon. It's a wonderful condition, but I would like to know what is causing it.

  28. My name is Ashley, I for my whole life have had these feelings of the tingle sensations in my head. Since I was a little Girl. The thing that I found very funny was that I experinced alot of those "tingiling" sensations when a teacher would teach me somthing or by the way that they talked. And alot of people that posted on here had the same experiences with a teacher. I also get the tingiling when somone writes a certain way, talks soft, and hands explaining situations, so strange I really wonder why people get these sensations. I personally thought i was the only one who had these sensations! And now it is so neat to find people who do, I have never talked to anyone about these tingles but figured I could look it up online because everyone can look anything up online lol. And sure enough I found it! I am not alone after all. And whoever reads this, remember you are not crazy different things happen all the time. I also have wondered though, I have alot of sensory issues (SID) and no not sudden infant death syndrome its sensory intergration disorder. Its where youre senses are heightened like a certain texture might set you off the deep end, or a sound, you all should look into cause I wonder if there is a correlation, to all of this with a sensory disorder? to me its fascinating what the body can do.

  29. I will tell you that I have experienced it since I was a young child. The trigger for me is listening to certain people type on a computer keyboard or write on a white/chalk board. It happens, usually, when I am tired and about to fall asleep. Then the sensation starts in the back left part of my scalp and will grow until it envelopes all parts of my scalp. I cannot do anything else, so, I look like I am reading a paper, but really I just concentrate on a point on the paper and enjoy the sensation. Call me weird! But it is the best sensation I have ever felt short of sex.

  30. I have had the same feelings since I was young, the first memory I have of it is listening to my grade four teacher read a book to our class... I never really thought much about what it was but apparently it happens to quite a few people! I also get it when I get my hair washed at the salon or someone plays with my hair.

  31. I was amazed to find this discussion, having just googled "tingly feeling someone looks". I have had this since a child (am now 49) and it happens whenever someone in same room is showing attention to some object that is connected to me in some way. It is not at all in my head - as many others here have described - rather across my middle body, upper arms, chest

  32. I get this when I get a haircut, massage, or when someone styles my hair.

  33. I figured there were other people who had this feeling out there but I haven't talked to anyone else in person that could relate. I too have experienced it as long as I can remember and it is related to sounds as many people have mentioned. I also seemed to get it anytime someone would borrow markers or a pencil from me in school or something like that.

    Watched a video as a child that is poorly dubbed and always works for me- old live action Snow White directed by Erich Kobler. You can find it on just search for Snow White (Part 9 is my favorite).

  34. Phenomena! I've had this feeling ever since I can remember!

    The most common things which cause it for me are:

    *crinkly paper or plastic noises
    *someone turning pages of a book
    *watching and hearing someone put hand lotion on
    *seeing someone picking up and using something of mine, or hearing someone use something I own
    *someone eating loudly
    *someone singing to themself

    The list goes on and on. I have always wondered if other people experienced this, it's quite funny to find that other people do. I'm so so so interested to understand why and how it happens!

  35. I have been getting this since i can remember. My earliest memory is a priest that came into my primary school and was talking and now i get it ever since. It may sound a bit weird but two people that i always get it from are Rolf Harris (when hes painting) and David Attenborough?! Someone needs to do research into this but i'm complaining it feels unbelievably good

  36. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this feeling also! I mostly experience it when there are other people around typing away on a keyboard. It doesn't happen when I type, which is probably a good thing or I would never get anything done... I've also had it hit me suddenly, for example a coworker was prepping a test (I work in a medical lab) and she was selecting her glass tubes. The sound made as she was moving them and the act of her writing on them drove me batty! But that was strange because people do that all the time at work and it hasn't happened since. I agree, it's sometimes better than sex and I love the description as orgasm of the head! :-)

  37. I am SO happy to have found this blog! I've experienced these "head tingles" since I was a wee little kid. For me it's not "whispering" voices that do it so much as certain soft voices (for example, aerobics instructor Cynthia Kereluk: and also "instructional" videos/TV shows involving intricate use of the hands. Also getting my hair cut/styled and an eye exam from my ophthamologist. It's just so wonderful to finally put a name to this phenomenon and to have a place to discuss it with others who experience it!

  38. I had this feeling six months or so ago. It was there for nearly 3 years, I think. It was a sensation that didnt disturb me. It was at two spots on top of my head. I used to watch it and used to wonder what it was. Since it gave no pain or disturbance, I just kept on watching it. But suddenly, six months ago it vanished. Of course, I dont feel any loss for it was neither a pleasant nor an unpleasant feeling. I am having a discussion with my friend in my Facebook (Sreenivasan Madhavan - Logo Full Moon). He says I am liar. Can anyone help me out to wriggle out of this unnecessary controversy. My email id:

  39. I get this too! Though I don't get it from voices.

    The main trigger for me is when I am in a quiet classroom or library and somebody sitting near me starts taking out books and stuff from their bag and putting it on the desk, or starts packing their things away. The sounds of them rooting through pencil cases or flipping through pages and plastic folder , and zipping up their bag drives me nuts haha. It almost feels trancelike and I want it to go on for ages but of course it only lasts a minute!

    Also watching a girl who is sitting in front of me mess with her hair -like put it up in a ponytail or braid it. And if I'm standing next to someone in a queu or something and they brush against my arm or something, that does it too .

    I think a big part of it is that whatever is causing it has to be unintentional. As in, if I explained it to someone and they started flipping through books and plastic folders, I don't think it would work!

  40. Totally get this feeling too, only mine is triggered by random sounds like:

    The turning of a page of a book.
    Scissors cutting through things
    Hair cutting
    Nail Tapping
    A thick marker writing over paper.
    Computer Keyboard tapping
    Oh! and especially the rustling of a plastic bag, newspaper or wrapper in a youtube video.

    A good youtube person who makes videos on sounds is here:

  41. This absolutely happens to me, too! I LOVE it. It feels like I'm getting a brain massage.

    All of the ones you all mentioned trigger it, but here's an unusual one for me: if my cat starts grooming himself, ESPECIALLY if he hops into my lap to do it, I get the tingles. Something about the repetitive sound/motion and the sense of concentration.

    I'm so glad to know I'm not the only one! :)

  42. wow ive had this forever and never knew anyone else did. i always wondered what it was too and i somewhat get the feelin when i use q tips.

    spoons in yogurt containers rule my life!
    hammering (like distance carpenters building stuff)
    pages turning.
    people looking at things. like looking thru cd's, or looking thru a bunch of items like theyr lookin for something. there is a part in napoleon dynamite, where hes in the store lookin thru things, when he finds the dance tape, that part puts me to sleep everytime. lol i keep watchin that 5 second part over and over.


    sometimes, certain talking, but not really.

    watching ppl draw (but only in real life)

    when little kids make snow with crayons, and they just tap the crayon over and over

    archeologists scraping rocks

    my neighbor sweeping her walk, lol, but only cuz part of the broom is plastic and knocks against things.

    thers a ton more sounds that get me, and when i hear them, its like the world stops and i get put to sleep lol

  43. I first remember having this 'feeling' in primary school, and it always used to be when somebody borrowed my stationery and used it next to me (especially erasers).

    I am out of school now and the main triggers for me seem to be the sound of a vacuum, co-workers typing on a keyboard and someone using a rubber stamp at a constant pace. It starts in the back of my head then shoots right down the back of me to my feet.

  44. is a fantastic place to find videos that will trigger this sensation. Also when one of the videos is "worn out" (usually when you can read the transcript from memory) just move on to another one. The unfamiliar rhythm seems to help

    Oh and without drawing too many parallels has anyone read Frank Herbert's Dune? Does this remind anyone of semuta?

  45. I get it too!
    For me its when I've explained how to do something to someone and they are having a go at it for themselves. As its new to them they try diligently to follow my instructions and make a sincere effort to do the task well, but of course their actions are not perfect. They may need a gentle steer in the right direction and as long as the person in question is calm and keen to be taught the right way it creates a kind of 'endearing' emotion inside me and the tingling comes on all over my head - its wonderful.
    I work in IT so for me the tasks are usually rudimentary computer skills but it works for anything really, but only on certain people. It's to do with the way they approach learning something and trying it out, a gentle thoughtfulness.

  46. Anybody get a tingeling feeling in their chest aswell?

  47. The scene that always gets me is Olivander's Wand Shop in the first Harry Potter. He chooses the wand so carefully and delicately, and speaks with a soft, highly dictated voice... it's just the kind of triggers you explained!

    you can find the clip here:

  48. i get this too but when i see an absurd action scene in anime or something fascinating. like the first time i saw jurassic park when you see the long necked dinosaur eating from the tree i got it then too.

  49. I get this feeling, I got it today at work, some woman was messing with jewelry and looking at it, made me tingle lol it always happens to me when someone is messing with something, used to get it in school mainly when someone was playing with something that belonged to me, and used to get more powerful sensation when it was someone i was attracted too as well.

  50. I often get this sensation when I listen to certain people talk. I rewind videos and listen to dialogue over and over again if it makes my head tingle. One of my favorites is the Moyra Stott yoga videos; her voice sounds so good.

  51. I can make a weird sortof white-noise feeling go through my head and sortof my body, but I don't think that's the tingly thing you guys are talking about. But I just sortof ... I don't know. Stop breathing, defocus, and almost hear ringing in my ears. Not extremely pleasurable, and I don't feel like sustaining it longer than a few seconds. Don't know what I'm doing when I do it.

    Started thinking more about this whole "tingling" thing... Then I remembered that when my husband nibbles on the left side of my shoulder/neck, I get this incredible tingly sensation. But not quite just in my head. Kindof radiating from my neck to the back of my head and sortof to my back. Holy, crap... maybe it's the same thing, but achieved through a specific nerve stimulation in my neck.

    Now I want to watch a video reported to cause ASMR and see if it generates it too.

    Our bodies are WIERD, lol. :)

  52. Semuta? I read Dune, but can't remember Semuta...

    Was that a name for using "the voice"?

  53. This is called an endorphin buzz. It triggers back to infancy when you understood nothing but caring and touch. The relaxing way a voice can sound. The peaceful hum of energy as opposed to the stressful racket of daily monotony.

  54. Ahhhh, I love this feeling so much I just had to search if anyone else felt this. The symptoms match exactly what causes this to happen to me, I was a little surprised the symptoms were pinpoint.

  55. Hello,

    First off thank you for this thread. I to get this sensation but I mostly get it when I am on the phone with someone who is looking up information about me and they are under their breath skimming thru the details. I am not suggesting anything other than a physical reaction to a stimulus but there is not other feeling in the world like it. I can provoke this feeling in small bursts by having someone slightly tickle my back in a very specific way. But this in no way replicates the intensity found from a "natural" occurence.

  56. This is a good one:

  57. Wow I've been looking everywhere for more information on this feeling. I get it when people play with my hair, when I get text messages from people, when certain people talk quietly to me...
    It's very interesting and the feeling is so NICE.

  58. Wow, i cant believe many people feel the same tingling feeling i have been getting since i was little. I thought it was bcoz my mom had dropped me on d head when i was a :D anyways, my triggers are when certain people (generally graceful 'soft' gentle people) are writing down something which might be connected to me, or someone touches or examines my things, clothes anything, also sometimes over the phone if the voice is soft, or if certain people touch my hair or brush against me or my stuff...the tingling starts at the back of my head, but carries all over my body. Its soooo intense...soo lovely, i feel so relaxed n happy and always feel sad when it recedes after a while. Wish i could control it, but I cant much. and i dont get it from watching videos or music, so i have to wait till it happens 'accidently' ha ha...i love this nerve orgasm or whatever it is. I am glad i could write about it here because i thought if i told this too anyone they wuld think i was going bonkers or something :D

  59. Hey I get the feeling in my chest too. Personally, it feels like normal butterflies but a bit higher and with this weird nostalgic feeling like I'm a little kid again. Hard to explain I guess, but I'm wondering if yours is similar.
    Sith, I get the static in my ears also, and it definitely correlates with the tingling sensation. I have been able to make different intensity static and/or the tingling on my own since I was a kid, but not as easily for the chest feeling(which ironically has many of the triggers listed here for the head sensation).
    I don't think my tingling sensation is as intense as the others who need a trigger, I definitely won't get chills or goosebumps, still feels great though. Great page thanks for the help!

  60. Wow, there's a lot of people who've experienced this!

    I Googled it on a whim to see if there was anyone else who has something like this happen to them. It's interesting to see all the different triggers that people experience.

    It's also funny that people are calling it "head orgasms" and the like, because I've never thought of it that way. I've experienced it ever since I was little whenever someone would play with my hair - even as a college student in my junior year, I almost fell asleep in class out of pure contentment because a friend was braiding my hair!

    I also get the feeling (which I've dubbed "the warm fuzzies") whenever someone talks to me about something they're really passionate about - you know, the mile-a-minute excited talking about something they love. I think it's because having someone share that with me feels very special.

    I've even experienced it when I see someone reading something I've written - such as a teacher with my report - or even when someone's just looking at a belonging of mine like an old toy, or something interesting I just found.

    And last, but most significantly, as an art major, I've experienced the warm fuzzies the most when people like my art! My media of choice is comics and animation, so I like to make people laugh. The absolute best warm fuzzies I've ever had was at an art program a few years ago, where a bunch of kids sat in a big circle and passed our sketchbooks around, so we didn't really know whose we were looking at. When I saw other kids leafing through my sketchbook and cracking up at my comics - knowing that their reactions were genuine and they weren't just trying to kiss my butt (as people tend to do when you're asking them for an opinion on your art) was one of the best feelings I've ever had.

  61. for me, it happens when i listen to music (i don't remember if it's happened in any other situation). and it's not certain songs, lyrics or genres that trigger the feeling--it really comes about quite randomly. i usually just feel tingling in my head for a little while (it varies from a couple seconds to a little bit longer), but lately i've been feeling it in my arms too.

    i'm not sure if it's actually asmr or just "chills" or "shivers" as some people term it...whatever it is it feels goooooood... ^___^

  62. I have experienced this feeling for a long time. I experienced it today when a Janitor spoke to me after misplacing my key. I think for me, its the soft voice and hair touching that triggers it and I want to learn more about it. Is there any research on it?

  63. This is great, I thought I was alone when trying to explain this. Ive had it ever since I was a little kid. Back then I used to describe it as it felt like my head opening and closing. Almost like the muscles would contract and relax...but its tingly and feels soooooo good. I get it mostly when someone is explaining something to me very relaxing. Or when I'm getting a massage...but MOSTLY, I get it when someone is inspecting something of mine. If they grab an item I own and look over it thoroughly, or even on the body when the doctor is giving me a checkup.

  64. something about her voice. it's so calming

  65. This happens to me as well. It happens alot when I listen to music. I just listened to the Brontosaurus Album by Da Vinci's Notebook and it happened 3-4 times

  66. So, it seems this is somewhat common....phew.

    I love when this happens, and quite a few odd things do it. People smacking gum loudly in public, typing on a keyboard, or news anchors or narrators taking a deep breath will sometimes do it for me, among other things. Strange, I know, but the sensation is overwhelmingly pleasurable.

    I've noticed that if I catch it in time I can focus on the feeling and make it last a little while, or if the noise is constant it can be spread throughout the entire body.

  67. I'm so glad I stumbled into this thread, The tingling sensation also happens to me!!
    My youngest memory of it was when I was in elementary (I'm 24 now) and a classmate of mine was sitting next to me and explaining something to me and pointing at my paper; because he was a boy I thought maybe it was the feeling you get when you have a crush or something. But I've realised it happens often when someone (male/female) is teaching or explaining something to me, not all the time I think it has to be a person with the right kind of voice (I can't pinpoint what it is exactly). I also get it when someone whispers to me, and I feel the tingling through my scalp, neck, and the top of my shoulders and back. I never thought to research the feeling until today when last night I had the same sensation while watching a D.I.Y instructional video. I love the feeling!!!! I can't trigger it myself though it has to happen randomly I tried watching the same video from yesterday but nothing happened.

  68. I am thrilled to have found others who have this. I've been experiencing it since I was a child, and try to induce it for relaxation. I'd love to know what causes it. Thanks to many of you for the videos - they are quite helpful! Glad to know I'm not alone. :)

  69. I am 15 and i quite simply get this feeling from people doing things for me if i ask them to. E.g. Writing a list if good song's.

  70. go on youtube and check out bob ross or massage clips with lita stone they send me over the edge

  71. So I'm not crazy after all! haha...I'm going to sound like most of you when I say this but I have never, ever told anyone that I get this sensation. For me it's usually triggered at the strangest times. I work in a high rise buiding and during my morning break there is a cleaning woman on our plaza cleaning, dumping ashtrays, sweeping the side walks, emptying trash - I don't know what is is but I LOVE it! Someone else mentioned gracefullness - I just feel like a creep haha. I've had these feelings since childhood though - coming my hair, getting my hair done, watching Bob Ross paint or watching some do Caligraphy - Call me crazy but I LOVE this sensation and glad others feel it too. I feel very greatful to be weird now. :)

  72. I get this too! I thought everyone did but I never bothered to ask.
    I agree with the euphoric tingling, "brain orgasm" description. I find I go very still and just let the feeling wash over me but if you look at my face it's inscrutable. It's like a very happy, relaxing thing.

    I think it's linked to people paying attention to you in a very good way, or also shwoing love and attention.
    For example, my triggers are:
    - getting my hair washed, massaged and cut at the hairdressers
    - people massaging my shoulders
    - reading or receiving genuine praise or messages of affection from those close to me
    - in relaxation after doing yoga
    - people with soothing voices talking directly to me (eg. watch Jonathan Cainer's horoscope forecast on Youtube, they are always a trigger)
    - people doing something for me or being super nice

    I can definitely remember having this sensation when I was eight and I probably had it before then too.

  73. I've gotten this tingly feeling since I was a very small child, particularly when someone plays with or combs my hair.Just thinking about it brings on the feeling too! As I've gotten older, I discovered other triggers--namely light touches, certain music, voices, or even humming. I love to watch little kids play or color too, it sounds weird but it is totally innocent. I am glad I am not the only one, I've never discussed it with anyone, I just assumed everyone feels it...but I guess not?

  74. I had talked to a few of my friends and family about how when I hear certain voices it makes me feel all tingly. No one that I told could relate. I was watching this tutorial for how to play "9 Crimes" by Damien Rice on piano today and this girl's voice made me tingle, so I watched it 3 times in a row:

  75. I got it as a kid listening to enya(The gravity of love) or dido. Yesterday though I started having it happen in class and it felt awkward, like my brain was reconfiguring itself. Or blood vessels were breaking(no pleasure). Thanks for the info(or ideas) on SID, auditory-somatosensory synesthesia, or an endorphin rush. These helped my probing mind.

  76. I've been getting this every day for about 3 or 4 days so it reminded me of how amazing it is! The combination for me this time has been being tired and completely relaxed, gentle breeze from the ceiling fan, and quiet tv that I'm not really paying attention to.

    In the past, one of my favorite ways to "trigger" the feeling was when an ROTC friend in college would polish her boots. The sound of the brush going over the leather was amazing.

  77. i am bloody thrilled to find this blog. i asked my doctor about this feeling once and he acted all concerned and wanted to know if i had any family history of epilepsy. i was frustrated - "no, no, it's not anything like that", i said, and then dropped the subject since he plainly had no idea what i was talking about. ironically, it is often the low comforting tones of a physician's voice that sets the feeling off in the first place.

    i also experience it when;

    - someone is pushing back my cuticles, or basically any similar thing that involves completely passive physical involvement on my part...when the person touching me is "in charge", so to speak, and doing something benign
    - the ergonomics person comes to my desk at work and makes adjustments (they wonder why i like the ergonomics lady so much, lol!)
    - i'm watching some form of video that has a certain sort of monotonous but comforting rhythm
    - someone near me is doing something slightly complex, regular, and rhythmic with their hands.

    i once experienced the sensation while observing one young boy demonstrate to another how to solve a rubik's cube while i was on BART.

    someone mentioned endorphins and so on....does anybody know why even those in the medical profession seem to know so little about this, or why so many people look at you like you've got three heads when you try to explain it? i've had this feeling my entire life and i am now 48. i knew it couldn't really be unique to me.

    thank you all so much for being here and letting me know i'm not a freak (not a medical freak, anyway!)>

    1. Yes! Same here. Everyone I try to explain it to thinks I'm weird and just making things up.

  78. i have a feeling in the front of my head when i listen to Eno's Music for airports, but its not a tingling its just a feeling i can't really describe it.

  79. OH MY GOD :O i have ALWAYS had this feeling and i've never even been able to describe when i get it, but it makes complete sense now. I actually LOVE it.

    her accent. especially the point where she says "writing a book for young girls" triggers it for me. wish i knew some others right now xx

  80. i get this feeling when someone cares for something/someone and is working really hard to achieve something. I also get it when people care for me or show me attention. i wish someone knew more about it. Its a great feeling!

  81. Awesome I found this page, I've been wondering what that feeling is. I get it when I watch some make up videos of a professional applying make up on a client, I find the 'contouring' ones are the best. I also get it when someone who I care about in a tv show/film gets injured or faints....weird!!

  82. Can I ask, are people who experience this introverts or extremely sensitive people?

  83. Hmmm, seems to me like this is sorta common now! After my research ive found many people confim that this tingling feeling occurs when someone is explaining something or teaching, also intricately working with their hands or watching someone draw... Ive also found that many people stated recieving the feeling multiple times while reading these posts.. Well so have I.. It also seems that many of us are artists or creative in some way.. No medical or scientific explanation yet.. I think it has something to do with feeling a deep connection with someone..

  84. I've experiences this for as long as I remember. There's a scene in the first s*x and the city move where Samantha is feeing Carrie yoghurt and man, then gets me that I have to rewind it. So does the second film actually where the guys is making warm milk and stirring it. Theres a video on youtube if you type "the beauty academy facial" the womans voice and hand movements are so relaxing! Ive been watching it every day. I would really love to know what causes this feeling though! Why has this not been studied?!

  85. I experience this feeling when somebody uses an item of mine for example if somebody were to try one a hat of mine. It is a beautiful feeling

  86. I get this feeling too from soft voices, accents, raspy voices, someone explaining things, certain people, people doing things in detail and old people explaining things. It has happened less as I have got older. It is always in person though and never on a dvd or music. I thought I was the only one too. Its the most intoxicating feeling in the world. I use to think it was the sign of being able to tell someone had a good soul inside.

  87. Jezus, never knew there were so people with this. I didn't even think I'd find something about the subject. I had a few experiences as a kid but never had anymore until last year with the instructor's voice in this video:

    It might trigger some people as well ;)

  88. I get sensation with many of the examples listed above, such as receiving a massage and getting a haircut. But Notably it occurs on the side of my face(which side is random) when I listen to a particular part of a song which my brain seems to indentify as extremely good, but if I were to repeat that section of bit of the song/video the sensation is less intense, and a few times through I no longer receive the sensation at that point of the work, until I forget about it and come across it again.

    I personally consider this sensation to be a detector of good art.

  89. I honestly thought I was going mad, so glad I cam across this! Havnt actually spoken to someone about this before cause of the 'are you nuts?' side of it. So is there a term for this at all?

  90. This is great , I never knew so many other people shared this feeling.
    I have had this since I was about 6 and I'd get this head orgasm everytime my teacher in school came near me.
    I get it even now from time to time but strangely , I only get it when my head is near another person and even then it's quite rare.
    I always thought I was tuning in somehow with them , but from all the people that get this too , I guess it's normal .
    I'm pretty jelous of those that can get it from watching tv

  91. Oh god I thought I was the only one who experienced this.

  92. I have always had these relaxing feelings especially if someone is turning pages of paper of ( If my wife is flicking through a magazine or news paper )Or softly spoken on the Telephone...

    Best one I have found is any radio interview with the Softly spoken ' Renee Zellweger ' I could listen to her all day... Search for radio Audio interviews of her and see what I mean..

  93. OMG. I FINALLY FOUND SOMETHING ON THIS. Im so glad I'm nota a loner on this, and I get this feeling quite often! I also have found out how to control it and trigger it whenever I want! It's the best feeling ever, and I'm surprised doctors haven't even named it anything. I know its not bad for you, it does nothing to you which is AMAZING cuz its such a nice feeling! Its like an orgasm that can go on force without the dirtiness, plus this relaxes you instead of getting you exited. Its like an anti-orgasm thats fucking awesome. Anyway I think you guys should know how to control it. First of all, I usually don't like it happening at random times cuz then my body almost feels weak with the enjoyment. So what I dot is watch theses video from this dude named Tony Fisher. He makes rubix cubes and his vid are ttly silent except for the slight clacking noise of the cubes, It tingles my head every time! Plus, idk if this is just me, but because I do it intentionally more often, the things that used to trigger the sensation are less exiting to my head because I've gotten used to the feeling, so it goes away unless i purposely trigger it. I love it, probably will never even TRY drugs cuz of it. (sept for like beer and stuff when I'm at that age)

  94. I also think that I've figured something out. Im not sure if this is true, but most people who get this are creative, That makes me believe that this has to do with being a lefty, AKA: working the the right side of the brian vs the left. I think something in that right side of the brain triggers this feeling.

  95. I recently found a motherload of relaxing videos, many of which may induce this feeling. I suggest checking this site out:

  96. I have been having the tingled on my head for years... Sometimes it's only on the right side of my head, and other times it's only on my left, and then my whole head.... It feels great, I'm not complaining, but questioned what it was... Well about 10 years ago I went to a psychic, due to some really vivd dreams I was having.... Which a lot where coming true, and without me saying a word to the psychic, she described the tingles .... She told me that I'm clairvoyant and the tingle feeling is me feeling spirits around me, which is why it's never consistent... And once I started to pay attention, I noticed that it wasn't just a coincidence... For example, I used to be a freelance videographer, and I would shoot wedding videos, but I didn't meet the couple until their big day, I can't even keep track of how many times I would approach the house of the bride or groom, and before I walked in I would get the tingles .... And once I introduced myself to the family, I would be informed that just recently a family member ( father, mother, brother ext) passed away... It got to the point where I just knew before I walked in to their homes if someone close to them has passed....

    But the problem is I still get the tingles, very randomly, but have no idea who it is... And why they are around me... Just wondering if anyone else have any form of clairvoyant ability and get the same tingles...

  97. I somehow managed to stumble on to this page while researching something unrelated but I'm so glad I ended up here instead! Like the majority of you I've been experiencing these 'headgasm' sensations since I was a young girl, but they don't seem to be happening as regularly now that I'm older (I'm 21). I've actually had a constant one since I started to read this page and all the comments on it so thanks for that :D

    Mine seem to be triggered by:

    *People borrowing my things/touching things that belong to me (this is the main trigger)
    *Massages (especially foot rubs or people running their nails over my skin)
    *Having my hair played with
    *Haunting music (Any Other Name by Thomas Newman gets me each time)

    As I've said, I always assumed it was only me who experienced this feeling and I honestly cannot believe that I've found others! I've never thought of mentioning it to anybody else - I was sure they'd think I was insane. I mainly get the sensation in the back of my skull (brain?), just left of the centre. In response to the theory of another commenter, I am indeed left handed.

    Big thank you to whoever created this page!

  98. You're welcome, Jenny. Thanks for listing some of your favourite triggers, too!

  99. Just googled 'triggers of tingling sensation in head' and eventualy wound up here. Had this phenomenom as long as I can remember (I'm 25) but I always assumed it was something particular to myslef, until 20 min ago when I ended up searching google for it out of curiosity. I've never considered it a bad thing or worry of any kind, but still, knowing there is a whole community of others as well does make me happy, just wanted to say that. Cheers

  100. Wow, I've been getting this feeling ever since I can remember, but not with voices. I get it when someone is playing with my hair, like as kid when girls would braid each other's hair. And I also get it when people I'm not close to touch my things, like when someone borrows a pencil.

  101. I learned many years ago that my niece gets this sensation as well, from totally different triggers than I do. She adores the sound of me rummaging through my bag -- even now that she's 21, if she's across the room and sees me open my bag, she nips over and stands right in front of me with the same look that my dog gets when she wants a treat. And sometimes out of the blue she'll say, "Rummage, rummage, pleeeeease?" And after finding this blog and talking about it with her and her sister, I just found out that her sister gets it too. Both of them named typing as another trigger. What I like is that, though I guess some people feel there's a sexual quality to it, for me and my nieces it's more purely sensual -- like stroking a soft fabric, where you'll say to the other person, "oh, this is so nice, feel it" -- so we can talk about it very comfortably, even though our relationship is not (obviously! lol) sexual at all.

    This has been fascinating and like everyone else, I'm so happy I found the site. What I haven't really seen here are comments from people with aural triggers who are acutely bothered by certain sounds. Me and my nieces can't stand certain chewing sounds and other sounds made with the mouth/lips. My mother chews a certain way and it's like nails on a blackboard to me (though I love her dearly!).

  102. I've just started to look for an explanation to this, and asked on Twitter and G+ about weird things that give people pleasure. My post is here:

    I'll paste it here:
    What is the weirdest thing that gives you pleasure? And what do you feel exactly?

    Mine's pretty weird. I experience unimaginable pleasure from watching people do things. The most idiotic things. I feel it on the back and top of my head, a tingling sensation, it's almost comparable to an orgasm. Sometimes it's my porn. When I'm home I go on Youtube and look for videos of people doing things (showing an app on their phone, doing origami, drawing...), and it's like OMG... It's so good I do it over and over again. It's the sounds mixed with watching the action itself, I don't know.

    It's hard to explain. This video is an example My oldest experience of this kind is from when I was around 8. I used to watch this boy playing with his school supplies on top of his desk, I never wanted him to stop.

    The tingling sensation seems like the same I feel when someone is stroking my head and playing with my hair. It's very good. There's also a popping sensation usually on the right side, back quadrant of the top of my head. It's as though bubbles are trying to get out of my head at that spot. I feel profoundly relaxed, and it lasts as long as nothing else distracts me.

    I recently had a friend share his desktop with me while he messed around in Photoshop working on a site layout idea, and I got this feeling pretty strongly. After a while he said something along the lines of "you must be finding this very boring to watch" and I was like "no... it's very good, please do go on".

    I do experience this when listening to people talk too. Usually women, especially when they're whispering. I remember once in history class I was taking an exam and these two teachers were whispering to each other talking about something I don't recall now.. I stopped writing the exam because it felt so good I could do nothing else.

    The other day I was at a friend's house and her five year old niece was picking up my dog's leash and playing around with it, tying it to a table, doing random things entertaining herself and I was watching her. I began to drift away... It makes me very relaxed, and this tingling sensation starts. It feels very physical, like something is popping inside my head. Usually on the top of my head, back, right side.
    It's very pleasurable.. to the point, as I said, that I look for it sometimes. I go on youtube on purpose to look for videos that trigger it.

  103. for me ive always had this experience fairly often, with it substantially increasing from maybe once a week-month to a few times every hour every day in the last week. so naturally its just occurred to me to research what it is exactly. i thought it was totally normal and the same for everyone. ive even mentioned it in conversation to people and they just nod and agree. now thinking about it i think they were just nodding and agreeing to urge me to continue explaining what i was saying.

    anyway, now ive read other peoples "triggers" ive realised it is really a very personal thing, and people get this feeling from triggers different to mine, which i assumed was just a given thing. i mainly get it when i watch a scene in a film or on tv that i find inspirational or beatiful or extremely interesting. i get it so so often from music, which im very passionate about. but it has to be music i love and find empowering/exhilaration. just as a side note i usually listen to psytrance (which i suspect a lot of people may not have heard of). but it doesnt always happen to say specific songs, just randomly. i also get it from what people are saying, or even from what im saying- when i feel understood, or really involved with a conversation or when something is being achieved with what is being said. im starting to think it is some kind of "spiritual" experience. and when i say spiritual i dont mean religious, as im not personally religious but i am what you would call "spiritual". maybe it happens when people experience something that makes them feel united in some way. say for example, to a beloved family member, fond memory, the world around us. when everything just seems amazing and you appreciate life.

  104. I've always thought that this phenomenon only happened for me, and I'm really surprised that I'm not the only one who experience it. I have never met anyone else who also experience this feeling, until now. Finally!

    The first time it happened to me was at school when I was about 7 years old. A pretty girl came to me and wanted to borrow a color pencil. While she was using it I was observing her, and that was when I felt a really good feeling in my head. I struggled to not fall asleep, and it really felt like a brain orgasm.

    I think that the combination of what you see and when you hear calm, different noises is what triggers the effect for most people.

    Here are three examples from YouTube that really makes the feeling occur for me: (This one is really good!) (This is the best one. Btw, it's a really cool 3d sound effect, but you have to wear headphones or else it won't sound like it's 3d.) (It's not the best but when he moves his hands I get the feeling.)

  105. This video gives me waves of brain-tingling for twenty seconds:

  106. Hey all....I've been experiencing these tingly feelings since I was a kid...never told anyone, because, quite frankly, I didn't know what they were...

    I'd experience the "tingles" whenever I
    *read a certain relaxing story or a poem
    *watch joy of painting with bob Ross
    *listen to anyone with a soft spoken voice
    *whenever anyone played with my hair, or massaged my scalp
    *get a haircut

    Hell, I even experienced the "tingles" watching someone very slowly rip off a piece of paper from a spiral notebook!

    It was hard to explain exactly how it felt... But for me, I'd start feeling the "tingle" from the back of my head, all the way to the back of my ears(the starting point) then I can feel the "tingles" gently rise, moving up all around my head til it hit the top and at that point, I just KNOW that I'm completely's like the BEST feeling EVER!!! I usually fall right to sleep after that lol

    Oh and foot rubs would also trigger these "tingles" for me....I haven't had the "tingles" for quite awhile...I believe I'm long overdue for one ;)

  107. I get the head-tingly sensation, usually accompanied by the same tingling spread out into my arms/upper body. Sometimes I get goosebumps with it but not usually. It just feels like a good kind of pins and needles that spreads from my scalp and kind of emanates positively.

    I don't get it from a lot of the things mentioned here -- I do get it when something strikes me as particularly moving or "epic", such as a really well-edited movie trailer will often invoke this feeling, or a particular sequence of a good film. Also, powerful music, especially vocals. Loreena McKennit, Enya, Adele, Sinead O'Connor, and other female vocalists seem to be the biggest triggers, and some classical music really does it. But it happens especially the first time I hear a song, and the more times I play it, the feeling gradually lessens the more I expose myself to the trigger. Then, if I forget about the song for months or a year and I hear it again unexpectedly, the head-tingling returns. Also get the feeling from someone playing with my hair or caressing the back of my neck.

    I also got all tingly just reading the comment posted by the person who talked about sensing dead family members or "spirits" or whatever. If I get a sense of weird coincidence or I relate to something that seems particularly eerie or inexplicable I will also get the sensation. If I get deja vu it is often accompanied by tingly scalp.

    Don't know if it's related, but when I'm shocked or scared suddenly and I "jump", I also get an electric jolt down my body from my brain that feels like a "bad version" of the tingly feeling and hurts my scalp.

    I am highly creative and I also have hypomania.

    I just assumed everyone experienced this. I never realized that some people don't!

  108. My most potent trigger is women speaking with a foreign accent in english. Seems to only work in real life, not on video.

  109. Wow, I can't believe so many people also experience this! I've tried to explain it to people once or twice and they either think I'm crazy or think that I'm just describing goosebumps or something. I've always wondered what it was, and never until today thought to google it, whereupon I found this forum.

    The things that seem to cause it for me, almost exclusively, are watching other people concentrate on things. Whether it be classmates working through math equations on a test, or someone setting up something delicate, such as fine tuning the focus on a microscope or something.
    Other times it's triggered is at the doctor, when they're checking your thyroids/lymph nodes for inflammation, or using a stethoscope. Also, if you youtube videos of people solving the rubiks cube blindfolded, the period where they're just studying the cube, and maybe occasionally muttering something to themselves, before they actually start turning it, triggers it a lot for me.
    In all cases, it needs to be almost entirely silent, but there needs to be small noises, such as pencils scratching on paper or the person quietly talking to themselves, or something of the sort. I find sharp sound, like "k", trigger it especially.
    If anyone has any similarities to this, I'd love to hear about it!

  110. Wow- found this post- can not even find words to explain- just wow. All of the above! I just started laughing b/c my husband came down and I was embarrassed because I have been pulling up some of the videos mentioned above and he was wondering why I was laughing- then I had to explain it... he gets it- thinks it is def endorphins. I would agree - I remember it happening when I was a kid, certain older women's voices-- it would start that tingling feeling in my head, and I would feel so good - euphoric. It would happen mostly growing up, when I would order something on the phone - pre-internet. A certain operator would trigger it and I would just keep talking - so they would keep talking! Or a pre-recorded phone message- "Press one for..." blah blah. Doesn't happen a lot-- very allusive for me. But what a great forum to stumble on. So far, it does seem to be veeeeerrrrry individual-- I have tried a handful of the links above-- and they don't do it for me. How weird it is to even say these things out loud-- I guess it is like a shoe fettish--- I never got that... I don't get this either-- and like someone above said, it is not a "dirty" feeling -- for me it is a mentally good feeling-- feeling happy, the tingling is only in my head- and is mild, soothing- not intense - like an orgasm would be. I can control it somewhat when it happens. I did bookmark this! So fascinating the brain... I Googled this on a whim as well, because lately, I have been starting my day off watching these small clips on the Vera Bradley Blog site-- called Liz on Location-- she is describing the "patterns" or bags or purses-- and she does have a slight accent... I watch them over and over--- and it just hit me today why-- because it is triggering the sensation in my head-- not very much, some more than others... it is still soothing for me... GOOD GRAVY, this is such weird stuff. It is starting to make shoe fettish people look like the Amish ;0
    KEEP POSTING LINKS-- would love to see if certain people have SAME triggers...
    I have a smell thing too-- certain smells I come across that give me a very warm fuzzy feeling- I can always pinpoint to something in my grandparents home when I was a kid - even the smell of moth balls - I like. WOW.
    Here is a link I like currently:
    But I also sit and listen to a few in a row. HOW WEIRD AM I... so strange. Everyone on here seems to get it, so I guess, weird is GOOD!

  111. need more video recommendations!!!!!!

  112. Watch some clips on YouTube and send them to me! ;)

    Email me, contact me on YouTube, or leave a link here on the blog somewhere.

  113. This is the best feeling ever, I just had one so googled it lol. Wish I would get them more often! I don't know my trigger, except someone playing with my hair, or watching someone else using my things, like a pen etc. It feels so nice!! And randomly comes on for no reason sometimes, wish it would happen even more!

  114. This thread is the closet thing I can find to what I have been experiencing. Not by any means an unpleasant experience, far from it but is happening more and more. There seems to be no trigger as such but what started as something that happened rarely has turned in to something very frequent with intervals generally only minutes long. This is starting to concern me whilst this is not a pain, more a pleasant tingling sensation or rush or static like feeling at its most intense. Does anyone have any medical advice? I this something to be worried about?

  115. Greatest blog ever!

    For my this clip is a good proxy of the feeling:

    Although I find this one amazing, I still believe that the feeling I get from soft voices and others using my stuff like a pen is still more powerful and slightly different from this one.
    N.b. Research on this topic is really needed!

  116. Wow, I just had the same tingle in the back of my head and decided to google it to see what it was. My most biggest trigger is when someone is talking about me in a complimentary way, but not directly to me. A friend just wrote an unexpected, flattering blog post about me which caused one of the most intense tingles I've ever felt. I also get this feeling when someone pays close attention to or inspects something about me or my things. It seems like attention to details is a common theme here on the board - like the posters that like to watch people use their hands. And of course when someone plays with my hair - that seems to be the most common trigger. Reading through the comments made me realize that I get smaller headgasms with many other triggers mentioned. I'm hoping now that I know other ways, I can pay attention and make it happen more =)

    Thanks everyone!

  117. Wow, I'm not alone. I've tried to explain this feeling that I get to others only to get blank looks. For me the best way to get a 'fix' is by watching the Home Shopping Channel. If you can find a presenter with an slight soft spoken accent demonstrating items it's bliss (Indian or American are best for me). I don't care what there selling, it doesn't matter.

  118. OH Wow, Thank goodness!! I always thought it was just me, and I felt so weird. I thought something was seriously wrong with me. It started with me with a teacher in 10th or 11th grade, he would rub his hands on the projector, and i would get this feeling. I was amazed, it's literally like the best feeling I have every felt. It starts in my head, but it's like it goes all the way through me. It makes me so calm and relaxed and sleepy sometimes. It's just wonderful. And I was always afraid to tell people because I was afraid they would think it was sexual. And it's not at all, I know how it feels to be sexual, and this is nothing like it. Anytime an older person, especially someone I feel is like a father figure or mother figure, or sometimes just someone very close to me, moves their hands in a certain way or rubs their fingers together, I just about melt. Sometimes I find myself watching them, And I'm like terrified people notice, cause there is no way I could possibly explain it without sounding like a complete lunatic. I am just in awe that I'm not the only one. I've also called it the warm fuzzies, that's what it's like. Thank you guys so much for sharing. I also get it when I hear soft voices, or when someone sings softly, or when someone is reading a book or a news paper. I always just thought it was that I have had a lack of affection throughout my life, but maybe not. I am a very sensitive person and things affect me differently than they do others it seems. I have some form of mental illness anyway so I know people would just think I'm bats. But it's great to know others experience this. Thank Goodness for the age of internet. Wow, awesome!!

  119. I to have this, and thought i was nuts. I even tried to avoid it for a long time because I thought I was weird,but then I had no choice but to just give in to it. Its almost my addiction. I have not told anyone about it, not my family or even my wife because i don't know how to bring it up or even explain it. Watching physical examination videos on you tube seems to trigger it a lot.

  120. For me, it happens most often when someone has a great accent, for instance my grandparents are from germany and often when they talk it happens. it happens less as i get used to a persons specific accent, but still gets triggered when they use unusual words. it also happens, like some people said, when something epic happens in a movie or show or someone tells a really good story. i love the feeling, but whats too bad is how fleeting it is. i wish there was a way to make it last longer, but it seems like once you notice it and focus on trying to enjoy it it starts ebbing away. still love when it happens though

  121. I get this all the time... I've come to describe it as a "hairgasm!" Best feeling in the world. It happens for me with soft, slightly grumbly/deep voices, or when people are focusing on something intensely and making noises (ie studying while rustling papers or mumbling to themselves).

  122. Cool to see so many others in the same boat. Interesting comment earlier that it may have to do with a light form of hypnosis. I get in when people explain things in a soft voice usually. Nothing like it.

  123. I cannot believe there are so many people like me!!

    We are lucky because it's an amazing feeling and the funny thing is, almost everyone has the same triggers.

    My BIG ones are:
    - Haircuts (buzzer or even thinning out my hair)
    - When the doctor checks inside my ears (kinda weird one)
    - When a teacher is explaining something on the board (when I was in school)...BUT it's almost like EVERYONE in the room had to be paying close attention to the teacher or it wouldn't happen.
    - Listening to a deep voiced story teller (accents help)

    Sometimes they are so intense I get a shiver down my back or have the feeling go into my legs.

    Pretty cool that a lot of people have this same "issue".

    If you want one of my favourite tools - get Pzizz Energizer for the iPhone or Touch...put the headphones in, close your eyes, lay down and just listen...your head will go nutz and you will pass out pretty quick too lol

  124. Wow! Us crazies have to stick together lol! I get this feeling all the time and I've figured out how to turn it on whenever I want!
    I found this video a few months ago and whenever I play it in a quiet room I get a very exaggerated form of this feeling, which is amazing!
    So now whenever I want the feeling, I listen to this video, and because it gives me the feeling much more than I could ever get in a normal instance, I don't get it when I don't want it.

    I've realized that It seems to relax muscles, if you try to write with a pencil while having this feeling, you'll know what i mean.

    1. Tried putting sugar in my coffee... sugar went everywhere. I know EXACTLY what you mean xD

  125. LOL Ive been looking for answers for a long time.
    I can trigger the feeling even myself by bringing back some memories of specific events, which would activate the sensation.
    Normally I go look up an unboxing vid without commentary or intructional videos.
    I can describe what triggers the sensation for me.
    Its 2 main things,
    1. When in a video or real life someones thought process is uncertain to me or him/her. That is also when someone is busy thinking a lot and its visible on the video. Usually I notice it because people (or their hands) freeze in place, that is indicative theyre thinking about something or looking for solution. That triggers the feeling on the head for me.
    2.Very quiet soft sounds, like typing on a small keyboard or using a touch screen in very rough manner.

    The first way is the stringest for me.

    I wish I found an explanation to this. If anyone has a clue contact

  126. yes!!! so glad to know that other people know what this is, and there's a name for it! the first time I noticed it was in 4th grade. We were doing some kind of geography activity and the teacher was doing an impression of a flight attendant. Certain people's voices trigger this for me, but only sometimes.

  127. I get this feeling when I remember something amazing, or something that i really enjoyed. I had it a moment ago when I heard the theme tune for the video game Halo. it triggered my memories of playing it,and much I loved the story,music and how immersive it felt. It only happens with things I really enjoyed, can be music from films that i really liked as well. (I really loved Halo)

  128. Oh man! I thought I was the only one who experienced this strange sensation. I remember in 8th grade (I am now a sophomore in college) when this kid was playing with a book like it was a finger skateboard, and the tingling feeling was extremely powerful. There's also this painting show on PBS called "Gary Spetz" or something where the character looks like Steven Hyde, and I would just turn the volume down on the TV and listen to him talk and the strokes of the paint brush would relax me until I fell asleep. It also happens when I listen to talk shows on the radio. I turn the radio down and the tingling begins. Thanks for the page!!

  129. I get this feeling all the time! I had to find out if I was just crazy or if other people felt it too lol.

    Some of the main triggers for me are:
    -typing on a keyboard
    -soft-spoken voices (especially Japanese women! I think listening to another language is less distracting if you don't understand it so you can focus on the feeling)
    -getting or watching people get massages (especially hand massages)
    -writing on a chalkboard
    -having my hair played with or styled

    I have to admit, I go on YouTube fairly often to watch videos that give me the feeling! It's so pleasant, I really wish I could feel it all the time! I'm glad to hear that I'm not the only one who experiences these "head orgasms" lol

  130. I think it's related to an endogenous reward mechanism, which rewards us for listening to elders, or peoples in a position of authority who can impart knowledge, or use said knowledge to help us; this also accounts for it's persistence evolutionarily as a selected trait.

    I always seem to get it when seeking the help of a professional, and especially when that involves touch which is overtly non-sexual.

    Fundoscopy is a great example, it's intimate, and we appreciate the physician is internally computing something unknown to us, but we are the main benefactor of said calculation. The soft voice etc, i believe are just secondary and help amplify the feeling, though not absolutely necessary.

  131. I've been having these tinging sensations for years now, im 18 i normally get them when listening to music or watching a very emotional scene in a show that i may relate to or like to relate to. when this orgasm i guess you could say peaked I cried. I didnt even want to tears just started falling

  132. I can't believe it...I've been walking around for years in the illusion thinking I am the only one who has this great feeling, can't wait to go home and check all of your youtube suggestions. I can't believe I never thought of that myself. You are now all my best friend! Greetz from Amsterdam

  133. I youtube videos all the time of people with certain voices. I can sometimes trance out and listen to them for what seems like forever.

  134. A google search brought me here.. I have the tingle sensation on my scalp. I first noticed it when reading a book that was very insightful.

    Lately I've gone through some moments where I feel very negative and I feel the tingling. It's a little different in that it doesn't feel good like the insightful ones. I've learnt to use it as a warning, like my thoughts are on the wrong path. feels selfish, angry, hateful.

    Physically the two seem very similar but the negative vs. positive with it is very different.

  135. The first time I realized this feeling was there was when everyone was checked for lice in elementary school. I do notice when I get it but I've never really identified other triggers. I didn't know that it was a condition, I never heard people talk about it but I just assumed everyone gets it. I wouldn't describe this feeling as ecstasy or euphoria though.

  136. This is a sensation that I've been confused about for years. I seriously have to listen to You Tube videos of people who have soft voices at night to fall asleep anymore. How weird is that? Lol It's such an odd thing to try to explain, so I just don't mainly because I don't want to sound like a weirdo. It's kind of neat to know that other people have experienced the same exact thing. It's funny how the smallest things in life can make us feel so amazing if even for a brief amount of time.

  137. wow i didn't thought it was weird, i thought that everybody experience that feeling, but know i don't know, i feel it when people speak soft or with whispers, i also have to listen to it to fall asleep, but i have noticed that since i am doing that i have headaches and feel tired :S

  138. I HAVE FINALLY FOUND A PAGE ABOUT THIS! I first discovered this feeling when people did stuff for me (as weird as that sounds) In terms of when I was at school, when a girl would draw something on my arm I would suddenly feel a tingling feeling or if I found out a girl liked me along with a few others like massages, relaxation etc... and sometimes it seems to just come on randomly when I'm feeling relaxed. I've learned to prolong it and make it stronger by "riding" it with my breathing.
    I'm glad that this does not mean I have a brain tumor or something :)

  139. I have no idea what made me Google this today but here I am. I've had this feeling since I was a child (39 now).

    Years ago when I used to work in an office setting, there was a gentleman that annoyed most of us. He worked in our training department and would teach classes. Everytime he came into my office (usually to explain something in detail or tell a story) I would get this feeling. Most co-workers would tease me because I was able to put up with this guy but I really just enjoyed the feeling I got when he spoke. It didn't matter what he talked about. I'm not sure if it was his voice or the detailed explainations he gave.

    Just wondering if people who get this have similar profiles?

    I'm a caucasion female with a college education. I would consider myself an analytical and creative person.

  140. I've taken to watching videos on youtube of some preacher guy, i dont believe any of it but it causes the tingles.

    here is the link, if you want to try it.

  141. Anyone know what percentage of the population has this experience? I didn't realize until just now that this didn't happen to everyone.

  142. This sensation happens to me a lot, especially when being rubbed on the neck, hugged kinda tightly and even when I think of these things. It feels good and puts me to sleep every time it happens for over a course of 10 minutes or so.

  143. I get this all the time
    well, i can 'bring it on'
    like today - at work - im feeling very tense due to heavy work load
    so ive just put my headphones on and started to listen to my 'sure thing' podcast - always brings on the UNF - so it helps me relax

    its a podcast about hypnosis - but its the guy's voice that brings it on
    and whispery 's' sounds and not the fact that he's talking about hypnosis

    ive had this on my ipod for over a year
    and i ALWAYS go to it to chill out with my UNF

    delighted im not the only person out there
    NEVER spoken about it before - til JUST now ha ha hah !!!!

    here's the URL

  144. The sound of typing does that to me EVERY time...and I work at a company where I'm surrounded by computers ha ha! Needless to say I'm usually extremely relaxed thanks to this feeling!

  145. If anybody is wondering about ASMR here is a link to the only research site I know of:
    There is also a closed group on Facebook for those who experience ASMR and wish to discuss triggers and such.

  146. I first noticed it as a kid in school when we had the hearing tests and would have the nurses or whoever come into school and we would go to the place they set up the hearing tests and then we would raise our hand if we heard a beep through the headphones we were wearing. Due to this, I actually enjoyed the few times we had to get our hearing tested because of these tingles. Now, as I am older, I sometimes get them when my Grandpa tells old stories or like other people have said certain people speak or lecture about something. It's very interesting.

  147. I've had this feeling ever since I was a kid also. I get it whenever I listen to Coldplay (I think it's the lead singer's voice) or when someone explains something interesting to me. I'm really into psychology and I couldn't link this to anything I learned in psychology so I continue to look for an answer.

  148. Oh wow, I thought I'd do a Google search for this and I was assuming I'd find nothing... I can't believe so many people experience that tingling in their heads. I have had that feeling for a long time, usually triggered by a soft-spoken person or a gentle sound (leaves rustling).
    I called a call center the other day and the girl on the phone had a voice that just about killed me. From the start to the end of the call my head was intensely tingling...Is there any medical term for this?

  149. I get this feeling mainly when someone explains something to me. The earliest instance I can remember of this was when I was in the 3rd grade. I didn't understand a worksheet, so the teacher came up from behind me and my mind slowly entered a trance mode as I watched her hands trace over the instructions. She smelled nice too. This feeling is NOT erotic, for me anyways. It feels like a lightly heavy yet comfortable pressure on my mind, as if my brain is being massaged.
    I don't get it that often anymore, boo.

  150. I have this sensation, too.It only happens when i listen to music especially

    it's a story from Super Mario Galaxy.It's very touching.

  151. I can control this feeling and I use it to get rid of my headaches. I never could control it as a child but as I got older it came naturaully.

    If I want to concentrate or even sleep I listen to white noise such as Vacuum cleaner or even rain, on youtube they have an 8 hour video.

    I can also control the felling to last longer then usual. The only way I can explain, it's like a sudden electrical current of nice energy going from your mind too the rest of your body, almost like a blood flow.

    Its not goosebumps because I can't control them but they also activate when listening to white noise and its a similar feeling but not as intense as the other feeling thats in discussion.

  152. Wow, I guess Im not the only one. I wonder what this is..I can remember years ago when I was in elementary school I discovered this feeling by listening to people. To this day I have not answered any questions I have about it.

  153. I don't experience this as often it sounds like many of you do; the only thing that triggers me usually is people talking (usually, giving a lecture or doing something else instructive), not so much just watching them do something. People playing with my hair can do it too although that doesn't happen very often now that I'm not in elementary school anymore...

    For me it's voices with a lot of intonation or just a very even pace that do it.

    This YouTube channel does it for me EVERY TIME - I just turn on one of the longer videos while I'm at work and listen to it while I'm working on something:

  154. Lol I thought I was the only one! I get the tingling when I listen to hypnosis. I also get it when someone says something very personal and nice to me, stuff that's really hard to say to someone who you aren't extremely close to. I also seem to get it when someone touches me (not in the sexual sense). I also get it alot when someone explains something to me but I'm not aware of it cause I get into a state of trance.

    It seems to be normal, there are a lot of people who get this tingling feeling.

  155. I get these tingling sensations too but only when someone I come in contact with is either up to good or bad. They don't even have to speak its like i know what they are thinking is good or bad.If they are good I get a gentle tingle on my left side of head. If they are bad I get a intense prickly tingle on the right side of my head. if its not bad or good i get it on the middle of my head. I am a Christ follower and I believe it is the spiritual gift discerning of spirits.if anyone can relate to this reply on what you think

  156. For anyone that wants to research this and needs more info on it, here is a list of my Stimuli in order of intensity:

    1: Certain people shuffling playing cards. (Must be slow, but not done clumsily. Only works with certain people.)

    2: Getting hair cut/Others playing with my hair. (Fingernails on the scalp. Doesn't work if I try to do it myself.)

    3: Watching someone's naked leg getting stroked. (Doesn't have to be sexual)

    4: White silken/flowing backgrounds in a small scene. (AKA, people talking, people hugging, a person preparing food, etc.)

  157. I've been getting tingling sensations ever since I started playing brain games about 3+ mo ago. I particularly get then after finishing a hard game.

    I think it's the the brain's equivalent of working-out in the gym. Judging from the other comments on here, whenever you are learning something or hear distinct sounds your brain turns-on. The brain is just like any other muscle and can be exercised through new experiences, thoughts, and feelings. In contrast, pumping iron doesn't exercise the brain directly but it probably does provide additional blood and oxygen, which strengthens it too.

    Anyway, that explains my theory in a nutshell...

  158. Me too! *sigh* I love the internet. It's usually when someone's speaking and they have a soft voice. One of the first experience I can remember was with a teacher as well. Her voice put me to sleep. I had another teacher too who did that to me. Or when someone's humming or when I'm watching someone work on something with their hands.

  159. OMGOSHHH.. i noticed that i have had this when i was really youngg.. i always loved the feeling but never knew what it was, and couldn't really explain it.. but all the people hear really did a good job :D but omg! look at this person i found on youtube :O got the feeling right away!

    (if the video doesn't work, type ASMR into the youtube search bar) ughh yaaay <3 (:

  160. OMG....I always thought I was crazy! I'm 36 and remember getting the "head tinglies" when I was 5. It's always when someone is making a certain noise, like pages turning, stapling papers, etc. And it usually happens when I'm not paying direct attention to what they're doing.
    I told someone for the first time ever about this during a girls' trip last fall. While they didn't look at me like I was crazy, none of them had even experienced it without someone brushing their hair. So glad to know that it's not something crazy!!!!!

  161. Me too Me too.
    I've always wondered what it is, and I still don't know.
    I mostly get it when I get a haircut, or when I visit a doctor for a check up or when I get a massage.
    The only common denominator that I could think of is that in each of these cases, there's a direct concentration/focus on me.

    Has anyone found out what this could be?

  162. HAHA! This is so funny. I won't use the word crazy, because, ya know. I searched for "Pleasant tingling in my head" and found this post. Really fun to read through these.

    I almost only get these sweet little tingles in the left side of my head, and it's always when someone is helping me with something. The fella's from Stanley Steamer are in my house cleaning carpets right now... and my brain is all a tingle.

    Wish I could bottle this up and sell it.

    It is kinda weird though.

  163. I get this feeling also. For me, it starts in the center of my body and flows outward through my limbs and head and seems to last longer in my head. When it happens, I try to prolong it by I guess just thinking about holding the feeling. If I ever have any pain our discomfort, it is over run and trampled by this feeling when it comes. It is brought on by moments in movies and songs that are redeeming, inspirational, and/or touching.

  164. I get this from watching people eat, hearing whispers or certain objects being handled like crumpling paper. Soft spoken people who speak clearer give me the most sensation. Its always been wierd for me to explain to others and Ive often been met with some pretty negative looks and opinions.

  165. Amazing that I found this! I usually get it strong when someone helps me used to get it when teachers helped in school, especially when the whole class would be quiet and the teacher was whispering.

    I can also get it when listening to a good song or watching a movie or TV show that inspires me.

    It really is a sense of that nothing else matters at that moment, it's strange to explain and I'm glad that someone had managed to zone in and describe that feeling.

  166. Wow, I am glad I found this! I literally just experienced this feeling about 5 minutes ago, and googled it. I got it when this older chap in our work who works part time, came up to me and started talking to me. I do not think it is linked with age, but I think it is linked to when someone or something gives you the feeling that they are directing all of their focus on you. I used to get it when the teacher looked over my work too, especially if I didnt know them very well.

    It is such a hard feeling to describe, I have tried to explain it to my friends before but they blame it on drugs haha. I am sure it is to do with the release of Dopamine or something.

    I am 23, male, and have had this feeling since I was about 3-4. It is not very common, but when it comes, its amazing! You can almost control the waves in which it comes in at.

  167. When I was younger I thought that everybody experienced this "tingling" like me, but I never knew that it was a condition. I don't mind it, but I hope that there are no side effects.

  168. I mainly get it when I am relaxed :)

  169. Reading all these posts brings a certain kind of joy in my life. We're not alone and for some reason there's a particular energy that runs in our minds and bodies. I've been looking for a reasonable term to call this. I do like the Unnamed feeling, the warm fuzzies, and head orgasm tho it's still not quite legitimate.

    What I want to understand is the underlying principle that gives us this overall sensation. Everyone seems to have similar onsets yet we all experience it solely, wholly and in different moments in time. I'm looking for a general term that can be discussed or researched more thoroughly in the best direction capable.

    Look up the term Sat Sang (Satsanga)... Sat meaning "true" and Sanga meaning "company". I compare it to moments of the Highest Truth within ourselves and the underlying events that took place within these times. It's almost as if my mind is in true bliss.

    I get these feelings when I speak from what is true within each moment, as if I'm giving a gift that gives back in the form of such sensation.

    Inspirational music that relates to my mindset at the time triggers it.

    The janitor at my work, when he mops the floors and I do nothing but observe him working consistently, this energy gathers on command. #nohomo xD

    Although I feel that in my experiences, these triggers come from moments where the highest truth, or genuine motive comes in my life and the direction I take are nothing less but what was and is meaning to occur.

    I'm here wanting to find out what this underlying "truth" within our sensation truly comes from. Thank you all for sharing your experiences.

  170. I also want to note that I'm truly interested in learning about Type A ASMR. Type B is the external form that people get, whereas type A is granted uniquely within the internal individual. Type A is what I would like to note as the Highest Truth within oneself projecting to ourselves or our outer environment. Find your Type A... speak of your own truth and find your True type A tingles. Sat Sang! Trigger type A! Type B is just a reminder that within is a truth we can all speak from. Good Luck and be true to Type A!

  171. I get this feeling when the cleaners come into my office and clean the keyboards.....lush feeling

  172. I've had the feeling since I could remember. When I was younger I tried to explain it to my mother and she looked at me like I was nuts.
    I find that I can't start the feeling on my own but once it's there and I concentrate on it I can make it last for a while. It's also kinda strange that a lot of the triggers people list above are similar to what I get. The two things that normally got me was the slight touch to the top of my back or the explanation of a detailed task.

  173. ASMR youtube - Gentlewhispering

  174. Yes, it's not just me! What made me think about searching for it was an information video on a shop website, because I got the lovely tingling feeling at the back of my head. It's exactly this: "anything that involves completely passive physical involvement on my part...when the person touching me is "in charge", so to speak, and doing something benign" or watching a video of it.

    1. hi,
      i get the tingling feeling only when i concentrate deep or meditation i can trigger it whenever i want but there are some times it happened automatically.
      so when i googled it i got this page you should look at this

      i want to know more about this if you have more information please mail me at

  175. Amazing to finally learn that others know about this feeling - the pleasant start of it in the back of the neck, up to the crown of my scalp -- and always trying to hold on to it. I am 68 years old, have had it happen since I was a child. It happened tonight and I decided to see if anyone else ever had it -- didn't even know how to describe it. It's random and unexpected. Usually connected to someone showing me something, describing something to me, taking care of me in a mild-mannered way (nothing dramatic). The voice is there; maybe someone leaning close to me (definitely not sexually); but the voice is mild, pleasant, unemotional. Or, as tonight, an unexpected very simple present in the mail. No one around when I opened it in my quiet office. Suddenly: 'the feeling' came over me. Wow - amazing to know there are others who understand this great, transitory, unexplainable state of being. Wish I could reproduce it at will.

  176. I love it when the cleaner of my office comes. She thinks she should wait till I'm not at my desk but I love it when she vacuums while I'm there because I get what I call 'the feeling'. It's slight, short in time, I have to work to hold on to it. It is so so pleasant and momentary. I know that I also have a kind of synesthesia - some numbers have a color, days of the week and the names of months each have a specific color. I wonder if they're connected to 'the unnamed feeling' I get in my scalp. The 'feeling' is delightful; the colors are just there and, in some way, helpful.

  177. I get it mainly from other people, someone whispering or playing with my hair. I haven't found any artificial way of triggering it (youtube videos e.c.t) but I would love to know what the feeling is and where it comes from.

  178. I also get this tingling sensation that washes through my brain and then sometimes even tingles my scalp.

    I get this when i come up with a excellent idea or solution to a task. It also happens when im learning something interesting. For me its best described as a eureka moment or a moment of total understanding.

    Im also one that takes great pleasure in the simple little things most people miss. I think some people are just more tuned into what is around them and what they feel from it.

  179. I get the feeling anytime someone else is concentrating on doing something, like knitting, trying to figure something out... I even get it when I'm on the phone with a company rep and they are typing something in to look something up. It seems like it's all silent activities where I can tell their mind is working. I get it with someone playing with my hair, but only if they are trying to style my hair. Again, silent activities where the other person is doing something that requires them to use their mind to figure it out or complete a task.

  180. Oh gosh I have this and what gives my brain the tinglings is the collective bunch that make up Caravan Palace, specifically songs from their newest album if I put headphones on it feels like a waterfall of electric impulses check it out:

  181. Oh wow! This happens to me when I hear people explain things to me at length, specially in a gentle, story-telling kind of manner. I get it when I listen to old people telling stories, or when old people hug me or squeeze my hand. It's a lovely feeling, and I wonder if it meant anything.
    This gentleman at work keeps giving me this feeling, he's a sweet guy and I pop by to his office just to hear him talk and get the tingles. So weird. I thought maybe I had an elderly crush or something. But none of the guys I have ever been in love with have ever made me feel this way. I think people who are good with words, soft spoken or old. They tend to have this effect on me. So curios it is!

  182. I'm interested to find something out about this. I've noticed a similar feeling myself at a young age and I was afraid to say anything cause I thought I was weird so I kept it to myself. As I got older I would keep my mind open to every time I got the feeling so I could pinpoint why or how it happened.

    Now here's the crazy part and I'm not sure if anyone can or has done this but I'd like to see if anybody can or is willing to try and report what happened. I noticed that the feeling I got was similar to the feeling of getting goosebumps but not from fear or cold but from exciting situations. Then one day I realized something. I had a headache and when I put my hand which was cold to the back of my neck where I usually get that tingling feeling from I GOT THE FEELING! Then when I pressed up against the lower part of my head and upper part of my neck I GOT IT AGAIN!

    Its gotten to the point where I can make this tingling feeling on my own now if I close my eyes right before I'm about to massage that part of my neck and breathe in deep. It happens EVERY TIME!!

    try this and tell me if you can do it voluntary as well.

    Also I started piecing things together like the fact that the medulla oblongota is the area I massage which is responsible for alot of control to things in our body esp respitory! which in my class (i'm study for vet assistant)I noticed that the word "Inspiration" didn't mean being "Inspired" by something but "An intake of air!" which was what I was doing to create this feeling.

    so it made me think that maybe there was a connection to breathing in and being inspired by something. I realize to that alot of times when people are excited or something "Inspires" or moves them to be happy, euphoric or at peace they usually "Breathe In!" and from my class I learned that when you breathe in the air you take in fills your head before it travels down to your lungs and eventually into your body where it rejuvenates the cells that travel through your body.

    So that being all said (and I apologize for typing so much really)I believe that with the mental/emotional enjoy of a sound, touch, sight or what have you in connection with your body taking in air and it passing through your head down the neck into your chest to refresh you we get a sensation of euphoria from it happening all at once causing the excitement to set off certain things like the arrector pili muscles in our skin which react to temperature change mostly cold and emotional changes as well as endorphins which are released when either excited or in pain to help the body "Feel Good"

    endorphins reduce pain in your body and i've noticed that when I trigger this" sensation it reduces my headaches instantly!! so my final assumption is that its Endorphines rushing through your body along with the intake of air that gives you an internal chill causing your goosebumpy feeling to occur.

    I really like this thread and I'm glad to find out im not alone. let me know if anyone tries to do this voluntarily! I'd like to know the results. Thanks!

  183. I get this feeling when helping and talking to little children who stop by at the gas station I work at. Also when old ladies are quietly speaking, when I get my hair cut, when someone helps me and is very kind, when I hear certain classical music, when I get praised for my school work, when I am getting helpful instructions from a soft speaking person, When shy guys smile at me, When a teacher helps me or answers my question in a nice way, when I get help from the school guidance counselor, when I watch beauty videos. Most of it I get from whenever someone is doing something for me or when I feel I did something completely selfless and nice.

  184. Haha we're all so weird :') I love this feeling, it used to happen during church at reconciliation when this certain preist would just talk softly and make this clacking noises with his mouth without realising.
    If you are in the north west of england radio mersey do a quiz show at night and i listen to this through my headphones to help me get to sleep, sometimes its better than sex

  185. This guy...

  186. I am so glad I'm not alone in this. This feeling is amazing. I crave it so much! There are a few triggers I know for sure although sometimes when I know these triggers are coming it can make them less effective. Mine so far that I know of are: watching window cleaners, being at the hairdressers, hearing work men hammering and drilling things (only just found this one out) and generally watching anyone who is using something that I own! Generally the rest of the room needs to be quiet or at least not too much noise as loud noises can end the sensation abruptly. I get most triggers working in an office where the windows are washed regularly and people constantly borrow my things! I love it I just wish I knew how and why it happens :)

  187. Yeah, I get this too, I'm 14 and a girl I thought it was serious but I get it only when I go on the computer and the TV is normally in the background kind off feels like pins a needs, I hope its not anything like a brain tumour!

  188. Sometimes when I hear a wonderful soft harmony my brain gets tingly esp. thee right side of my brain...

  189. I get it when studying at the library and I hear girls whispering to each other. It doesn't seem to happen when I hear males talking, only females. (I am a male btw). It's an amazing sensation.

  190. I get this feeling in my head and the center of my chest. I first noticed it as a child when my mom stroked my hair or when my therapist talked. Sometimes it even happens when I'm listening to a receptionist on the phone.

  191. Well that explains it:

    Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response

  192. I get this all the time. More importantly though I get this feeling when people are doing something for me. For example, the gas attendant washing my windshield or when a cleaning crew is cleaning my office. Its strange! I happen to enjoy it though. I find it extremely hard to focus as well when this is happening. Oddly enough just reading this gave me the head sensation.


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