Friday, February 26, 2010

The Unnamed Feeling Sound and Video Archive

I’ve started up a page here that will have a whole archive or collection of sound clips and perhaps even YouTube videos that cause the tingling sensation that we’re after.

If you have any sound clips from TV, movies, or even ones you’ve recorded yourself that give you this “unnamed feeling” AKA tingles, then be sure to contact me about it, or leave a comment somewhere.

Please, don’t send me sound clips or videos by e-mail. Rather upload your file to a file host or YouTube or some similar website, and then tell me where to find it by leaving a link. That way, I can watch, listen, or download it at my own leisure, and others can find it too. And I’ll also add the link along with the contributor’s name to the archive.

Another thing, don’t make the sound or video clips too big. 128 kbps is fine as far as audio quality goes with MP3s, but try and limit it to a few megabytes at most to make it more download and upload friendly as well as time-saving.

If you’re unsure about something or want to ask me, just comment at the bottom, or send me an e-mail.

Sound good?

The Unnamed Feeling Sound and Video Clip Archive ->

Monday, February 22, 2010

Is There a Proper Term for “Tingles”?

It is not known whether there have been scientific studies on this subject, or if there are proper terms for it. It seems as though only some people experience it, or experience it more greatly than others do. Some people claim not to experience feeling this at all and get quite perturbed or irritable when approached on the subject.

There have been several theories or guesses, such as a physical consciousness of dopamine release in the brain. What this mean is that you can actually “feel” the chemicals being released.

Others include narcolepsy- a tendency to fall asleep in relaxed situations. Some people who experience tingles have been diagnosed with this condition. Other include ESP, or another controversial one is that the subjects are Indigo Children- evolved or evolving human beings.

Friday, February 19, 2010

What Could These Tingles Be?

Some people wrongly assume this is what you call heebie-jeebies, chills, or shivers up the spine, but this is not that sensation at all. Those names are associated with fear or anxiety.

Some might say it’s pins and needles. Pins and needles is a tingling sensation, but occurs when a limb is recovering from numbness, and may even be slightly painful and discomforting.

Tingles have been said by some to be as good as or even better than an orgasm. Some people even have both at the same time! Tingles can fade in and out, or can be a more constant feeling all over the cranium.

Another informal forum term referring to tingles is AIHO, or Attention Induced Head Orgasm, which I actually read in a forum thread. Some do not associate it with sex though, and might prefer others terms like AIE, or Attention Induced Euphoria. Others could be AIOEU, Attention Induced Observant Euphoria (notice how it incorporates all the vowels).

People are constantly thinking of new ones.

Monday, February 15, 2010

What is This Tingling Sensation in my Head?

Last year, I googled the phrase “What is this good tingling sensation in my head”, or something to that effect, and came across an interesting forum thread. It contained many different posters who all had one thing in common- they all experience a seemingly undocumented or ignored case of tingles in the head.

This isn’t so much of a complaint regarding serious pain or discomfort though- quite the opposite in fact. This sensation is good at least and marvellous at best when you experience really intense ones. I would know, because I happen to be a “sufferer” of this ecstasy.

You get tingles when you (symptoms):

  • Listen to specific people talk (usually soft-spoken, well-spoken voices or lispers)
  • Listen to the radio or podcasts when these people are talking.
  • Watch certain TV programs, or YouTube videos, like instructional ones, infomercials, adverts, historical or factual programs.
  • People talking in a foreign or indigenous language. Xhosa and Afrikaans are two of mine.
  • Get tickled lightly, especially on the back or shoulders.
  • When someone strokes or plays with your hair softly.
  • When you listen to certain soft or distant, and usually repetitive, sounds like a bouncing tennis ball, trickling water, or construction noises like tapping hammers.
  • Listen to types of music.

These are some examples, and there are likely many other triggers that result in the sensation, and it’s been said that many, if not most or all, people experience this, but only some actually observe it, are aware of it, or experience it to a greater degree than others.

I will likely post about more triggers and so on separately, and try some out for research purposes, as well as upload some sound clips and such so you can listen and see if you experience these effects.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

This is my Story

I was actually going through some of my bookmarks, and came across the forum that I initially found on the internet where a whole bunch of other people were posting about their experiences with “tingling”.

My post was right at the bottom on the first page of Part II of the discussion. Hard to believe it was several months ago all ready! There’s all ready several other pages. You don’t even have to be a member to comment.

Here’s the post I made back then, on the 23rd of May, 2009.

“Hey people. I'm a 22 year old guy, and I'm a tingler or an AIHO "sufferer"!

My head goes crazy when I listen to some people talk, whisper, certain types of music, back tickles, etc.

Some of the narrators on the History Channel make my head tingle so badly-but it feels awesome! I hope it's not bad for your health or anything. How can it when it feels so great?!

I've had it for as long as I can remember- since I was a kid. It's cool to see that some other people have it too. Other people who don't just don't get it. They don't understand. It's like a drug, and very much like an extended orgasm- which is cool seeing as I'm a man and all, and biologically uni-orgasmic.”

Welcome to The Unnamed Feeling, AKA the Tingling Blog

Yes, The Unnamed Feeling was inspired by Metallica's single from their album, St. Anger, called "The Unnamed Feeling". But it only has a little to do with music. This blog is going to become a destination for a sensation that is seemingly unnamed.

Have you ever listened to someone talk or something and you get this tingling sensation in your head? That's what this blog is about. I've come across some places where you can learn a little more about this sensation. Trying to search for this on the internet is difficult, but there are some places, albeit in limited number.

Right now I'm in the process of setting up the blog, and I'll get round to posting more, including some sound clips and videos where you can see if you experience this feeling. It's nearly indescribable, but an incredibly good sensation.
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Site Updates

These are just mini-updates that I was too lazy or busy to make a post for. They also list changes or additions that have been made to the blog, for interest's sake and to follow how the blog is developing.

- Enabled mobile layout for blog.

- Updated hotspots page.

- Work in progress on new page.

Full list here.

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